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Happy Birthday Ratmaster2000 !

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. 

It unfortunately is worse then I thought. Was going to enjoy Knott's in Anaheim CA today, but when I went to check my card which buys food and has cash, someone in a totally different city then I live stole $800 🙂 now I need to make a police report and figure out how I'll pay rent 😞

If everyone can pray for a speedy resolution to this, that would be great 🙂


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Happy belated bday wish!!


Can your bank resolve the issue? I've had issues like that in thr past & they've done wonders for Mr. Examples: 1,000 on Apple products (flat out told them I can't stand Apple products ha ha) & recently it was a little bit over 3 months, someone was spending on Amazon. It took some digging on my part, but it came up around 500 in sll.

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