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2022 Painting During the Pandemic (?) : May’s Multitudinous Miniatures

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Welcome to May Day.  It may be time to get rid of the pandemic tag for next month…? Let’s hope.


After an April involving multiple trips with the travel paint kit, my May plan starts with basing everything that got painted but not based so far.


I enjoyed working on my eccentric vintage unit of rangers from (long defunct) Broadsword Miniatures last month, so I am thinking that I would like to do another unit of miniatures from a long defunct supplier.  In this case, it’s going to be hobgoblins from the Adina Corporation, from about 1980.






I have a total of 21 of the, although three with swords need weapons repaired or replace.  At least 18 … 


I also need to get on the ball and add some Burrows and Badgers figures before Gencon.  I have two primed and another three or four pulled out to work on.


If there turns out to be any time left after that, I’m still working on getting figures together to support an OD&D game.


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Sticking with my January goals, painting what I want, when I want.  No contests, no deadlines.  It seems to be working for me.  Last month I painted at least 15 figures or small pieces of table scatter and I'm happy with that.  A lot of semi-finished and prepped items on my table, so I'll continue.   Started to get sucked back into RCL, but I'm being a lot more relaxed about it. 




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In keeping with my annual goals my May goals are:

  •  Paint this month's terrain pieces
  •  Paint this month's game token
  •  Paint this month's Mithril miniature
  •  Paint two figures from the annual box
  •  Paint two figures for Rangers of Shadow Deep

If I get through with all that, I hope to paint some additional undead for RoSD





Hobby goals for 2022

     Painting one piece of terrain each month [ 5 so far]

     Painting the 17 miniatures in my annual box and finish the one from last year [ 6 so far]

     Painting  one game token each month [ 5 so far]

     Painting one Mithril miniature each month [ 5 so far]

     Use up my remaining clear acrylic bases, which will give me a reason to order more

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Going a bit more planned out this month:-


Twisted:- Finish Agatha, start (And hopefully finish) Hercule,

Cursed City:- Finish Torg.

Misc minis:- Finish the Knight.


I also want to start work on my Underworlds stuff again, so I also want to finish at least one of my Hedonists.

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Goals for me. 


Start the french indian wars collection off. 

Valfuryx, the jerk dragon from Bones V. Have primed him and done a base coat of Greenstuffworld color shift paint. 

Mordor orcs. Have got a bunch of these on sticks and want to rush through and speed paint them. 

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Honestly can't really think of much to focus on this month, so I'll just go with... 

- waterslides onto something

- work on MG Ginn

- work on my MG Zaku 1 Sniper conversion (head and torso complete would be lovely) 


There are other things I'd love to give attention to as well like my Meirsoa bust, but we shall see. 

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