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Darcstaar’s May 2022 Reaper Challenge League

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So, I have had a good experience with RCL this year.  I came into it late in January, and have already cleared 31 minis.  That is almost twice my usual yearly production.  Then I thought I knocked it out of the park last year with 50.  If I continue this pace I hope to finish 100+ minis this year.  My motivation is to plow through Bones I Kickstarter minis.  Because I have all my B3/4/5 minis waiting, and just added my pledged Bones 6 stuff to the list!


Not including my Quarterlies, here is my planning list for May.  Points listed to the left.



10 Trio Galladon

7 Duo Anval Half Orc Fighter.

5 New Release Old Kobold

4 Theme Scales/Claws - owlbear?

4 Limited Palette - purple, brown, blue-Mummy

3 Monster - Kobold Metal

3 PC - Almaran

1 Freebie-? Ral Partha Kobold

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Started on Galladon.  He’s my homage to Fizban from Dragonlance.  Planning Creamy Ivory up to Dragon White for the robes.  Some neutral gray trim in some areas, and beard.  Viper Green for the other trim and hat.


Face done.  


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Yeah, I agree it seems those sleeves need something or were made for a different color trim.  But I’m going to finish and see how I like them as-is.  I was trying to keep the green accent as close to “3” or “triangle” as possible.  I struggled with the same question on the front waist panel part of his clothing as well.  

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Calling Fizban done.  Of course there’s only one spell for him.  Fireball!







The scroll says “Fireball”

III for level 3 spell.

Ultima Runes for Vas In Flam which was how to cast it in most of those games.

XX with a circle for 20 ft radius.

CL for 150ft range.

And 14d6 for the damage Fizban will do casting it at 9th level!


Time to move on to Anval.

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Started Anval.  Skin is 1:1 Shadow Green:Brown Liner.  Nightshade Purple on other stuff.



Didn’t have much time today.

Started on the Limited Palette Mummy.



Base and Face is 1:1 Black and Brown.  Then Earth Brown of the rest.

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Scale Color Speed Metal.  I tried to add nicks and gouges to the metal, with HD Solid White and Black, but it doesn’t work as well on TMM as it does on NMM I guess.  Belts highlighted with Blonde Hair and Blonde Highlight.  Purple highlighted adding Linen White.


Drybrushed 1:2 Linen White:Earth Brown.

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