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Darcstaar’s May 2022 Reaper Challenge League

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Reapplied Speed Metal.  Then worked on the skirt adding more and more Surf Aqua to the Nightmare Black.  Then out of curiosity painted the pommel gem and eyes those colors to see if it makes a good accent.  I think it works.  Highest highlight were dashes to imply fabric texture.  Probably done for now.

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About 60/40 Holly Berry/Clear Orange.



This is “R” in D&D 5e Draconic.  I would have put a Reptus faction symbol, but couldn’t find any examples.  I was going to paint it Aqua, but did a quick stab at OSL to suggest it’s a glowing rune in a magic shield.



A little Nightmare Black in Surf Aqua, then pure Surf Aqua, then some Dragon White mixed in for just the rune.  Painted this on the gem of the pommel, and eyes also.

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Teeth-Yellowed Bone, Linen White.

Claws-Coal Black, then mixed in some Yellowed Bone, then added some Linen White.  What’s left?  Realized I forgot straps on right vambrace, then base highlighting, some tuft, and done.

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