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Pip: ? ; Name: ? (calling him "Greenpeace")


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Posting the rest of my March WIP thread plus more, as I had finished all but the duelist, so I had prepped a dozen more (just one little Indian left all alone...I got scared for her so brought her some friends hehe). I'm calling him "Greenpeace" as I have no idea of her SKU or name, so any help in that regard is very welcomed.







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ty Iridil, for my dirty blond look I use 09301 nmm gold shadow as my base and just keep adding an off white to it in this case think it was maggot white lastly followed by a 09258 blond highlight ever now and than. my basing materials is just woodland scenic foam grass (like three different types) and various sizes of static grass 2mm, 4mm, 6mm all mixed together. I also throw in some weathering powers (buy cheap pastel chalk for like 10.00 and grind it up in a pestal and mortar. keep them in small spice bowl and just sprinkle when need, have one with leaves, without, and a wasteland look (all browns)

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misclicked and it got posted before finish
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