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Brief Reaper Bones 6 recap!

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Good morning interwebs chums!


How's everybody doin'?


Sleep good?


I hope so.


I'm returned home safe and sound after a slightly harrowing trek through Chicago's Ohare. I'm a nervous traveler without Mrs. ReaperWolf and I hate having to jog from gate C all the way back to gate F.


DFW was easy breezy with the gate right across from security but Ohare always sucks. TSA Precheck is so worth it. They sent me through like a shot from gun with no disrobing although I do take off my travel hoodie 'cuz the zipper sometimes sets off the machines provoking a not-so-friendly patdown.


Ok, after a week+ of silence ya'll are owed a brief Reaper Bones 6 Kickstarter wrap:


Fun and successful.


Ok, maybe not that brief. 😛


On Wednesday we live announced DDRPG.


We're stoked.


Immediately after we streamed the first of three two hour rpg events with four players. We also premiered the Ring of Truth, an adventure written by some hack living in Michigan. 😉


The three sessions were well received, fans had lots of questions so we always ended each stream with 5 minutes of Q&A.


Shifting gears on Saturday I ran two two hour events for fans attending the wrap party. At 4:45 PM I dined on BBQ while nervously watching the countdown.


I was then roped into another stream with Ron and we briefly chatted about DDRPG. We launched the player facing beta primer which can be downloaded free here:




The cover was produced by the intensely talented Izzy Collier. Slick huh? Shirts are available from t-public here:



All said and done the KS made $1.8 mil (and change). Congrats to the many, many people worked their collective @sses off to land a great kickstarter!!!


I then spent the next few days hanging out with the many outstandingly talented painters and sculptors. We're all crazy busy at ReaperCon so it was nice to actually spend some quality time with these amazingly talented hominids.


I'm currently convalescing in my jammy bottoms as I plan out the rest of my week. Lots to be done 'cuz I'm likely attending the North Texas RPG Con the beginning of next month. And then ReaperCon.


Our plan for RCon 2022 is multiple tables of DDRPG events with a different action-packed dungeoncrawl every day. Like our previous RCons each adventure is themed to one of the factions. We've also discussed a more significant DDRPG preview. Stay tuned.


We're still aligning everything for a full release of DDRPG: rules, adventures, setting info, etc. for Spring of 2023. There will be ample opportunities for fans to use the various platforms to aid us, the publisher, in guiding DDRPG in a fan-pleasing direction.


A huge shout out to Ed and Dave as the captains of our voyage. Without their support and guidance DDRPG would not have been possible. I'm deeply grateful for your continued generosity and vision and, as always, thanks for keeping the lights on!!!


Monumental props to Ron Hawkins as the pilot of the DDRPG vessel as well as the guiding light behind the Bones 6 kickstarter. Nobody wrangles Reaper talent like you buddy. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!


Much love going out to the many sculptors and painters at Reaper who continue to thrill and inspire me with every tool stroke. I am in awe of the talent erupting from each and every one of you.


Lastly, thanks to the fans. DDRPG is our love letter to early tabletop gaming. You are the target audience. DDRPG is as much yours as it is ours and we're chomping at the bit to show you more... and we will. We hope you enjoy playing as we do producing it. Stay tuned, big things are on the horizon.

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I really am pumped about the world of adon returning. I have been super into warlord and DHA since I returned to painting in earnest durring covid. So I was snatching up every book, every casket work pdf, My goodness to roleplay a crusader of Almaran putting to rest people enslaved by the dark powers of the necropolis, that would be fun!

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A quick addendum now that I've had a few days to rest and catch my breath.

A HUGE shoutout to @Rhonda Bender aka the bird with a brush! She kindly donated her peerless skills to paint two absolutely sensational miniatures for my demo games. Her work never fails to thrill and amaze and it was great having her art my my humble game table. Much love to her for her generosity!


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