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3D printable forest by Signum Workshop

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This is the 3D printable forest from Signum Games. I bought a physical copy from a seller on Etsy to use as a background for my minis. It is printed in 32mm scale, but only tiny 28mm figures fit in it. The young forest dragon (DHL #3332) and Unicorn foal (DHL #2207) are here to better show the scale. Might need to buy another version in 74mm...😁



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On 5/15/2022 at 9:36 AM, Chaoswolf said:

I think it looks very good. 

Based on what you've shown, it ought to work alright for human sized figures, right?

Thank you, Chaoswolf. Even for human sized figures, it's not totally what I was hoping for. I did buy another one in 54mm scale, we'll see how that goes. Here is Tristan Loremistriss for scale. She is on a base, so that bumps her height up a bit.



Here it is again with 3 different werewolves, Jean Paul DuChamps (DHL #2139) and Jean Paul Duchamps (DHL #2747), as well as Feral Hunter (Warlord #14239).





Although, if the miniature is low to the ground like the Hound of Judgement (Warlord #14215), it works nicely.




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