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Another weekend another dragon reaper oriental

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1 hour ago, Darcstaar said:

Great idea to do this like a festival dragon rather than a Monster Manual entry.  Very bright.

thanks for looking!  What can I say, I'm a child of the 70s.  oriental dragons are either festival colored or neon....  I chose to go with festival colors on this one.  He joins the dragon of the Sea (green/blue), air (white/blue/purple) and earth (Green/yellow).  All of them as close to neon as I can get them.  He's pretty tame in comparison...  

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I agree...those eyes are amazing. You did a great job on this guy. Steering into the bright colors made for a very eye-catching piece. Also, the fact that the color scheme is rooted in the three primary colors helps it seem cohesive (despite having so many colors that might initially SEEM disparate). I also like the blending where the red meets the blue underbelly.

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thanks everyone for the great comments. the three primaries wind up in a lot of the things I do and they seem to play well together as long as there is some buffer between them.  


The eyes are complements of the instructions from Scale 75.  They have great instructions for doing very specific things.  

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