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Sophie's Revenge, or, how to get stuck in a very very long project...

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On 6/6/2022 at 12:22 AM, TGP said:

Brushes exist in larger sizes. Scale up the brush. 

I am opposed to all types of scale creep!  🙂  Having now used (much larger) paintbrushes to apply the Contrast paint, it wasn't too bad.  I could afford to be a little sloppy with the Contrast, as it's forgiving so long as you don't let it pool in place, but using big brushes to apply a base layer, ensuring you get all the nooks and crannies on this massive model (that an airbrush just breezes over) would be a long and arduous procedure for me. 

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More progress!


Working from home has its benefits.  I typically start work at around 6am, and work through until I have to pick up the kids, around 5:30pm.  I try to break it up with exercise, sometimes a TV break, or...  more likely... a painting break.  So I've been able to make significant progress in the past few weeks, and I'm quite pleased with how she's coming along!  But getting to spend my "commute time" at the paint table is simply marvelous. 


I finished the lower hull by applying Contrast Snakebite Leather everywhere, and painting the ridge where the magnets sit black.  I was very relieved to find that Testor's (rattlecan) dullcoat does remove the "Bones Tacky" that comes with so many paints on Reaper Bones.  I had initially thought I wanted to do a green stripe up the middle of the ship, but my six year old convinced his daddy to try red.  I think it looks good!


I set about applying another layer (by brush!) of Vallejo Dark Yellow primer along the strata of the boat with all the gun ports in the middle hull.  I then applied Contrast Dark Angels Red over that, and painted the gun ports themselves black.  I painted the stripe black, that sits above this red layer, and used contrast paint directly over the German Red Brown primer along the railing.  I felt it came out OK (though if I had it to do over again, I might use a while primer for the middle stripe, before applying the Contrast red, to make the red more bright and vibrant - for example, that's also Contrast Dark Angels Red on Sophie's waist, but over a much lighter primer of Grey Seer). 


Edit: it's a bit hard to tell in the photos below, but Sophie's waist is a brighter shade of red.  I think I prefer that a bit, but it's very minor. 


I wasn't quite sure what to do with the filigree in the front of the ship.  GW Screaming Bell (a red metallic)?  Black metallic?  Red?  I finally opted for gold (Scale 75 Elven Gold - I like their metallic colors) and don't regret it a bit.  I primed the filigree white (as I did with the rope nearby too), and used two coats of Elven Gold.  Last, I washed the ropes in Skeleton Horde (Aggaros Dunes might've been better, but ...) 


Looks pretty good to me!  This color scheme will next get ported over to the aft cabins, the next and last step on making her seaworthy!


Here's what the middle deck looks like, now that it's done: 



Adding on the masts, figurehead, and lower deck - she's very nearly ready!  



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13 hours ago, Pancakeonions said:

Wow.  I'm done.  I can't really believe it...  But it's done.  


Once I've come to my senses, and varnished the aft cabin, I'll take some close ups and post a few here. 


Can't believe it.  Done!



What? No elaborate Ocean Base with a Port?...🤪

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Still basking in the warm glow of completedness (oi!  Fancy sea base!  Entire port city!  Several more ships to battle!  Nononono....  I'm fine now)  lol


So I finished up the aft cabin this last week.  I put down another layer of Vallejo dark yellow on the doors and the windows.  The doors and parts of the windows got Contrast Dark Angels Red (so it matches the side-stripe).  Then the gold and metallic finishes got a bit of white so they'd be brighter.  I used Scale 75's Elven Gold and Emerald Alchemy to pick out the flourishes, nautili, mermaids, lanterns, etc. I used a bright white for the name plate on the rear, so when I finally chicken out over freehand, I can print something out that'll match the white printer paper I have...  Then I varnished with Testors Dullcoat (rattlecan) which seems to work really nicely on Bones.


And voila


The finished ship!




Staring down the Revenge!



Sailing the high seas of adventure - my 6-year-old got to take her out on her maiden voyage with a crew from my Big Box of Baddies



Here's a nice shot of the full playing area, with the staircases marked off, and both doors to the aft cabin shown on the middle deck: 





I worked on this from May 11 until June 11, went quicker than I was expecting.  Tracked hours, pretty crudely, and estimate it look about 41 hours of work. 

I still can't find the gunport hatches.  Hahahaha.

And the anchor ain't done.  It's too big an awkward anyway, I'm fine leaving it in the box for now.

No name yet inspires me...  Nameplate remains TBD!



A few more parting shots: 




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