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OGRE CLUBBER (SKU: 77455) - old bonesium version

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Hi guys,
My townsfolk progress post showed me that it might be better to work on something bigger first.
Hence Ogre Clubber. I have Ogre Guard waiting for his turn as well. Both in bonesium.

I have done a sort of a zenithal priming. First black brush-on primer and way to heavy coat of cheap white hardware store spray paint.
I remembered to make the first photo just after painting skin tones on the model. I was kind of happy with that, as at least had some highlighting and shadows done. Also added some blemishing to skin to make it less flat.


Then carried on with adding the rest of base colours. Some things work some do not. I do not like red rope for his loincloth, and will most likely try to work it back to more of a hempen colour for all ropes. I still do not like the wood club colour. Leather kind of work, same goes for flint. That cannot be said of the photo though. Same goes for satin varnish. But that is just


And final picture for the back where I have added some weird silicone like acrylic medium for pouring techniques. When it is not mixed with paint it sets to clear highly glossy fairly thick film. It might work for creation of water effects on bases as well, although it might take a while to figure out how to use it right.

In this case I have used it to create some volume for scarring on the back of the ogre. I will have it painted and blended closer to skin tones going forward.

I though that satin finish will be less glossy. Is there any point of mixing satin and matt varnish to get down leather glossiness down a notch, but not to the same level as skin? Or would some other technique work?


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