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ALLSWELL, USA: In the Ring with Battlin' Butch Davis (50094)--Pic-heavy

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On 5/17/2022 at 2:27 PM, Samedi said:

I thoroughly enjoyed your post - as always!

On 5/17/2022 at 12:02 AM, Darcstaar said:

Sweet boxing ring!  Wrestling Mania could be just around the corner!

Thank y'all! It was fun times getting the ring sorted--and I've certainly thought about Bob Murch's Pulp Pugsy Flannigan set. Certainly there's room for expansion! 

On 5/16/2022 at 5:26 PM, Iridil said:

Another great story and you not only buy, but make great terrain! Like all the various adversaries you've set up for the training!

Thanks! The hardest part of making the ring was finding a square box lid of the right size. You want something close to 4 in x 4 in, but there is some flexibility. 
Our Leprechaun was a Stonehaven Gnome Pugilist, and Mister Hyde was a Clay Golem with some greenstuff tattered clothes, a pin cane, and a top hat. Incredible Woman...is an incredible sculpt. I've painted one iteration as a luchador, one as a Venerian Amazon, and one as a superheroine. 

On 5/16/2022 at 3:50 PM, Glitterwolf said:

And now I got this song in my head..


Thank you for the kind words and yes, perfect choice of theme music!

(The judges would also have accepted "Eye of the Tiger") 😄


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    • By 72moonglum
      Hi all you Reaper cats and kittens!
      So today a neat little figure, a Halfling Tiefling, from Stonehaven Miniatures, sculpted by their owner, Mike Evans.  This one was released with their Kickstarter a few years back that was mostly dedicated to all sorts of interesting halfling models.

      I decided on white hair just to give some nice contrast to the pink skin, and then mostly purples and pinks mixed with reds and oranges.
      and then here, just for fun and a size comparison is a Reaper Tiefling I did a little while back, Fillyjonk. I kind of did some similar things color-wise, even though Fillyjonk's skin was more reddish to start out with and the little hobbit more pink.  And after having painted both of these, I'm really looking forward to Bob Ridolfi's Kickstarter tieflings! Wondering what other colors I might use with them a year or so from now.

      So anyhoos, enjoy!
    • By Rigel
      Let's get meta!!
      "Now where were we...let's see. Last session you had crashed Miss Minver's jalopy in the cemetery in your attempt to stop the cult. The Professor's apotropaic rituals and Xiufang's first-aid skills kept you alive while Sirhan's Vickers gun and Lady Rutherford's etheric disruptor devastated the cultists--but not before the high priest's chanting reached a crescendo! An awful rift forms in the fabric of reality, swirling with colors beyond human description--and from it, with a horrible squelching sound and a smell like an electrical fire in an aquarium, a forest of loathsome ichor-slicked tendrils protrude, flailing hungrily towards you! Roll for Sanity!"

      50231 is brilliant, containing three flavors of tabletop geek. These are wonderful sculpts, from the dice bag on the trim GM to the soda in the large gamer's meaty hand to the young lady's minifig case. I feel like I know these people already.


      More pics: 

      A furnished basement, much like many others. Shelves of books and trinkets on the wall, a table with a map and several figurines atop it. BUT! this basement is about to become an escape to other, weirder, more adventurous realities!

      You know the Nerd from 50091 will be here, maybe the Chick too. Not-Velma most definitely would roll some polyhedral dice.


      When the gang's all present, we can begin!

      Perhaps on an alternate week, another game:

      "The scent of mildew and rock dust is heavy in the air, and the sound of dripping water echoes from somewhere nearby. You would guess Saraneth's sorcerous witch-light, glinting off crystals the size of tree trunks, is the first illumination these caverns have seen since they were formed in the primeval chaos. --Liliander, your elven senses pick up faint movement from beyond this cluster of stalactites--a dark-dwarf ambuscade! Between Red Serris's sword and Ulma's bombs, this shouldn't be much trouble. ...But wait! Vistaril, as the reverberations of your thunderwave subside, they are answered by another...deeper...rumble--coming from below! Everyone make a Dexterity save!"

      Click for more forays into other genres!
      Let's take a bow, nerd to fellow nerd. 

    • By Rigel
      Just a punk with an axe to grind! A heck of a sculpt. full of energy.
      Sid has got Opinions about The Man, and also about The System. He's not their biggest fan.

      Dude is good for urban adventures and definitely perfect for cyberpunk stuff. 

      BWWWWAAAAAARRRRRMM bweedle dweedle bzewww!

      Gave him some orange eyeshadow--maybe should try another color, am open to suggestion.

      Hope you enjoy!
    • By Rigel
      With his double-bitted axe and hobnailed boots, he'll go where the trees grow tall! Where there's work to be done, no matter how hard...

      A wonderful sculpt! I had originally planned to paint him up as Manly Dan Corduroy from Gravity Falls, but went with a more colorful theme.
      More angles: 
      Getting the big timber saw to stand at an angle was probably the hardest part of the shoot. It's made out of the cutting strip from the edge of a cheap plastic-wrap box. The logs are from a Mantic terrain crate if memory serves. 

      Here's a visitor!  Not unknown in the great Northwest. (50011, Sasquatch)
      If this is on the North side of the border, here are a couple of other Canadian neighbors! I've posted them before, including 50195, Dirk Goodspeed.
      Hope you all enjoy! I certainly did. 
    • By 72moonglum
      In a world where an entire player race seems to have been mostly overlooked throughout the years, Stonehaven Miniatures created a Kickstarter that was oriented mostly for the fine folk, and made a bunch of different gnome characters, male and female, cast in metal.  Here are two of them that I've recently finished, a Gnome Paladin and a Gnome Scout:

      These are some really small miniatures, and as I finally was able to photograph them I could see a few spots that I could probably improve upon them, but being that these are just for fun and enjoyable, I think I'm happy where I am with them.  
      The hair on them is a little bit outside of the natural realm of color, not your typical blonde, black, brown or red.  I sent an email to the sculptor Mike Evans and asked him how he imagined his gnomes, with natural color hair or more fantasy colors and he said bright colors, so I kind of followed that idea with these two.  
      I still live in that past of the old D & D description which talked about them having skin the color or wood and either blonde or white hair, but I'm trying to move away from that pretty old concept.  I've seen art for gnomes in other newer D&D books and they are certainly more vibrant than before
      Anyhoos, hope you enjoy them!
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