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Just currious, what do the Powers That Be at Reaper consider an "adequate" demo force for Warlord? How many models, how many factions?


Of course, I'm a nutcase. I just moved my demo forces into one of those little rolly bags. Five trays of up to 45 models each in one easy little bag. When you have most, if not all of the models for a faction on a single tray, it makes assembling a skirmish group SO much easier.



I have another rolly bag with two 2.5" trays that can be used for big monsters like dragons and such. Ye-ha!


If any AOs will be running Warlord Demos for the first time in the coming weeks, I'd suggest that you practice first. Line up some victims, er, friends, for casual games and get your pattern "down" before you run for strangers.


Don't forget to find tune your scenarios before the game. If you need help with scenarios, look to the list of active AOs on the Black Lightning page and contact a few people with green status.


For those with experience, if you'd be willing to give scenario help, etc., to newer Game Masters, post a message here so they know who to call on. I know you guys already, but I hate to "volunteer" anyone without their permission.

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personal opinion, you should only have as many players as you can effectively teach at once. I try to limit it to 4-6, I find more people and I am spread to thin on the instruction.


so take that and use it to answer the initial question, I would have enough so that each player had a squad/section of units. I don't try to give each a seperate faction, I try to keep things simple.


we do demos with at most three factions and usually one leader, one spell caster and 5-6 grunts per player.

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At the asylum this weekend we did it 2 ways -

1st game, 4 players, 1 troop pf 600 points each - no ranged except for magic (bandage and ice shards were the only 2 spells selected, but that was not a restriction, it's just waht they chose)


2nd game, 2 players, 2 troops, 1000 points each, with archers.


Both games went well, So I think varying compostion of game by how many players you have works best. Also - it is what you are comfortable with, and what you think the players can manage. Adult players with other wargame knowledge can probably manage 4+ troops their first time out, new players with no knowledge, or younger players can handle 1 or 2.

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Thanks for the info, guys. I've been trying to model the demos I run off my experience at GenCon and Origins.


For starter groups, I give them about 500 points, with a printed sheet that tells them what the stats are for the models they are using. Basic games do not include spells, missile combat or faction abilities. Pretty much, give them a leader and some grunts and let them have at.


As far as number of players, the max I've had to run outside a convention at once was five. I have trained them slowly, over several weeks, so there isn't much I need to do in a given game. I've had as many as nine at a convention. Those were very small units, with limited abilities, so they were easy to run.


If I had six or more players, I'd probably break them into two groups and have my son or another experienced player run the second table.


I'll vary the points asignments, adding spell casters and archers, plus playing faction abilities, in higher-up games.


So, what would you guys recommend a beginning GM buy to start running demos? That's the big question, since hopefully there are some new Assault Officers out there getting ready to run Warlord demos.


Myself, I'd suggest a couple of the starter packs, plus some archers and maybe a couple of sergeants to fill out the rosters. Later, add some grunts with the reach ability.


That's what I've been doing, and it's worked so far.


I really haven't done much, as far as working Breakers into the mix. I've got some Breaker models, but haven't really played them as such yet.

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The Black Lightning section of the store has some "starter" armies at 750 points each. I am scaling it down to one squad of grunts each (one pack of 3) mainly for $ reasons right now. I will be fielding 2 factions: crusaders and necropolis (because they looked like natural enemies).


Is there a table of the stats available? or do you have to buy the cards/minis before you find out how powerful it is?

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You're right; Crusaders and Necropolis are natural enemies. Actually, every faction seems to dislike the Necropolis for one reason or other; just some moreso than others.


Each faction will fight each other faction, given the right circumstances. But there are some that are particularly antagonistic to each other.


Crusaders and Necopolis REALLY hate each other. Actually, the Crusaders dislike the Overlords even more. Dwarves and Reven (orcs) will duke it out over anything. The Elves dislike the Necropolis and Darkspawn the most. Etc., etc.


Casketworks 14 (Spring 2004) has the opinions that each faction has for the others; the article is reprinted in the book.

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