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Did battle with the Scandalously Clad Human Defense Force for the first time.

I won - three (out of a possible four) to zero.


Which was a LOT closer than it sounds - until the final turn they held four out of four of the objectives.


For the first time my shaman proved their worth - taking the last points out of the battle tank, giving me that last objective.


My vultures were just about useless - only managing to kill a weapons team that was already pinned.

Ny veterans got taken out by the main gun of his battle tank.


Two squishy armies - my Jackal force was squishier than Dan's HDF. He had two transports and the battle tank - the doggos have one transport choice - and it is almost a thousand points, so I had no transports at all.


The Ogres were on a truck.


One of the infantry squads was on a light APC.


His Stormtroopers and my Vultures ambushed.


Good game - if it had gone one more turn then Dan would have retaken at least one of the objectives, and probably contested at least one more.

*Observation* In the last turn of the game, it is generally better to Contest an objective than try to take it - no roll is needed to contest, but if you assault, and the assault fails.... If Dan made one mistake it was charging in his infantry squad against my doggo Veterans. There were fewer doggos, but they have a higher Quality.


The Aud Grump

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The OPR online army builder has a 'Generate List'option.


Tonight Megan realized that that option can be used for a 'sealed deck' style league. 🙂


Have the players generate 2000 point armies, print and paint the armies, then do a double elimination tourney.


The Auld Grump

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The new OPR rules are... pretty good.

The magic/psycher/caster option is a lot more viable - you now have spell tokens which are needed to power casting. A level 2 spell needs two tokens - but more can be spent to make the needed die roll lower.

The other player can spend tokens to make casting harder.

And tokens not spent can be saved for a later turn, up to six tokens.

Fearless has a major change - instead of a +1 to quality checks for morale, it is now a 4+ reroll of a failed roll.

Cover is now a bonus to the Defense roll, not a penalty to the to hit roll.


Stealth now only works at longer ranges.

Impact hits now only hit on a 2+.


Poison is no longer insanely powerful.

Unit cohesion is now nine inches, rather than six.


A few other changes, but those are the ones that I am remembering off hand.


The Auld Grump

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Shame you don't live closer, i'd absolutely be down for teaching grimdark.  I'm having trouble getting any traction on the system with my local groups, most of the guys I get to play with are heavily invested in one game or another and aren't super open to trying new ones.

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