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Household - A Fairyfolk RPG


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Came across a Kickstarter from CMON's RPG publishing arm (Didn't know they had one) for a RPG about various Fairy Folk living in an abandoned mansion.

Not a RPG player myself, so I can't comment much on the game, but it does use special dice which seems a bit limiting:-




There is a link to some quickstart rules on the page to have a look at though.


My interest is in the set of minis (It is a CMON Kickstarter after all):-




Unfortunately, I can't get the figures without also pledging for the RPG at least at the PDF level, so I've got this on remind while I ponder if the minis are worth the extra $30.

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7 hours ago, haldir said:

I like Floyd & Timothy, but once you said CMON, I'm out on this one. Hopefully it's worth it to people that want it thou.


I'm hoping as it's only kinda, sort of coming from CMON (As part of the same megacorp umbrella) and if I do back, I'm only after a handful of figures and not the big heavy books, it won't be subject to the same sort of shenanigans I hear their projects are usually plagued by.

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They've put out a 2nd figure set for this, and they're not the ones I was expecting:-




They've been unlocking minis as stretch goals, so I was expecting them to become an add-on set when they were all unlocked, but nope different dudes.

So whether I back this or not is now entirely down to the stretch goal minis becoming a 3rd set, my inner collector couldn't cope with not having all of them, regardless of how much I really want that guy with the Key-gun.


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CMON's published a zombicide RPG. I'm sure the component quality will be good, but there's already errata. : https://roebeast.blogspot.com/2011/03/deodorant-container-scratchbuilding-and.html


RPG authors look to have a good background. I've noticed that CMON uses a good variety of international game designers. "Winner of the Roleplaying Game of the Year in 2019 in Italy, Household is the latest game by the ENNIE Awards nominated authors of Broken Compass, Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola, and is beautifully illustrated by Daniela Giubellini." 


Broken Compass review: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/18/18936.phtml


Maybe ask for an "all-in" for the miniatures? 



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Since this one is getting close to wrapping up and they're still adding more stretch goal minis, I thought I'd ask them when they were going to hit the add-on section, and... They're not, they are staying exclusive to the top tier pledge level.

Now I've got to decide if I can justify spending over $200 (closer to $300 with shipping) on 30 minis.


A decision they didn't make any easier by adding a dude with a pet snail:-



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Last day for this one.


Still adding more game stuff and more importantly (IMO) more minis:-




Cleric with Key-Mace.




Assassin with Pen Nib Punch-Dagger.


I've decided to back this in the end, I haven't been this excited for a set of minis for years (As you can probably tell from all my posts on the subject!) so I'm not too disgruntled at having to pick up all the RPG stuff as well.

I can always try and sell the books when they arrive.

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