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I'm supposed to be painting HeroQuest Goblins.


Which naturally means I'm painting anything else (Mystic Circle, Thing in the Well, Mumlak, and Demonic Lasher).  But at least I'm painting!


First up was a bit of repair.  Mumlak's adze was broken when it arrived, but a quick pin later and he's almost as good as new!  I should have run the knife along the tusks while I was at it.  But I didn't.


Night One:

1884191370_Mumlak1-2.jpg.39d016fb20631af9d7aaab78c247da83.jpg 1879031910_Mumlak1-1.jpg.2cd5fee5fcf3b817e3701b0b3dcc54db.jpg 386948515_Mumlak1-3.jpg.80c1181c978c8d69b97682379561b273.jpg


I wasn't sure where I was going with this guy, I was originally going to go with a dark brown for the bare flesh.  But that just felt like it would be way too much brown for my taste.  I eventually defaulted to the Neutral Greys triad starting at "Cloudy Grey" instead of "Stormy".  I knew I'd be using the Stone Greys on the adze, so didn't want to duplicate colors.


The fur got a base coat of Pure Black and a dry brush of Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, Leather Brown, and Tanned Leather.


The tusks are, rather unsurprisingly, the Ivory Bone triad.


The skull topper on the jug and the femur are Bone Colors, the bird skulls will be the Neutral Bone triad.


Night Two:

170926183_Mumlak2-2.jpg.29397ffae85feed016cc630226affaeb.jpg 1419405676_Mumlak2-1.jpg.d1a9430b49c937987176637a4881b750.jpg 595638367_Mumlak2-3.jpg.58449897a82bf9669a904e7e15ad811d.jpg


Drybrushing, so much drybrushing.


Rainy Grey on top of the Cloudy Grey.  Misty Grey on top of that.  The finger and toe nails are solidly applied Misty Grey.


The tusks have gotten the rest of the Ivory Triad.


The adze got its Shadowed Stone and Stone Grey drybrushing.


The bird beaks are the Golden Skin triad.  I don't know if the beaks should be more yellow than the rest of the skull, but that's the way I'm doing it.


The jug is getting the "Yellow Ochre" treatment.  I think I'm going to use the Terran Khaki triad on the shells on the jug, although it looks halfway decent with just the liner/wash mix.


I still need to figure out the cordage, earrings, and "washers" on the cordage down by the jug.  And there might be a surprise or two as well.


Thanks for dropping by!

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Thanks, guys!


I took a night off, and then didn't get pictures from last night.  Although, after looking at everything, I'm not sure that there would have been much to really notice.  


Night Four:

2078305677_MumlakF2.jpg.27b2d23798d063a38dd4c0b143b29520.jpg 660196941_MumlakF3.jpg.ecd7b95910d838aeaeabd24ac0222116.jpg 321127727_MumlakF1.jpg.48b22c9d52bde907227f379095a0383f.jpg


Most of the painting from the last couple nights has been little things: the shells on the jug, the tattoos/war paints, the straps, and the jewelry.  It's all rather anti-climactic, truth be told.


Shells on the jug are Terran Khaki (Khaki Shadow, Terran Khaki, Khaki Highlight).


Cordage, Rope, and Straps are the Khaki Brown triad (Uniform Brown, Green Ochre, Faded Khaki).


The chains and other metal ornaments are the Silver Toned Metallics (Shadowed Steel, Honed Steel, and Polished Silver).


The keen-eyed may notice some Rust Brown hashmarks and crosses in key places (under the left eye, on the left forearm, on the left calf, on the right bicep, under the right ear opening, by the right knee, and on the stomach).  I started thinking that Mumlak was missing a little something and then thought about Otzi (the Ice Man) and his tattoos.  I tried it first with Surf Aqua, but it just didn't contrast enough.  I should have painted them on after I did the base coat so that the Rainy and Misty Greys could have made them more "tattooish".  Lessons for next time.


I guess that's it.  All told, the big guy was finished in four nights (about 8 hours).  I honestly did not expect things to go this quickly.


Thanks for stopping by!

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