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The Drow paints a Rock Star! (Flemmy Maggott)

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So I decided to really try Bleach blond peroxide blond hair on Flemmy...

WC Warm Grey 3 on hair, Green washed with GW Green ink from back in the day when GW made the best inks...

Knee pads in SC F&G Decay Black. I will gloss coat the pads after finishing so that they (Hopefully!) look like polished leather...

Axe in SC 75 Mediterranean Blue


Need to work more on the jacket / shirt highlights....


Thanks for looking!


The Drow

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So nothing has really gotten done due to massive quantities of adulting...

So some of Flemmy's friends dropped by to keep him company...


The Dragonborn base player,


The Dwarf guitarist,


The Tiefling Cellist(?)


A Girlblin vocalist



His Manager



His pet cat...



And 3 views of @Pezler the Polychromatic, his favorite bartender...



The girlblin is actually a steampunk fig, and I need to replace the gun with a microphone...

The tressym and kobold pirate are just cool....

I have a dwarf drummer printing now, as well as the bartender




The Drow

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If this band is a Nüclear Krïll tribute band maybe their name ought to relate somehow. 


The Fab Four (Beatles)

Brit Floyd (Pink Floyd)




The Atömïc Thriill!!




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Since I had the blues out, I trimmed his axe with SC 75 Mediterranean and Sky blues mixed 50%

His boots have been getting SC 75s Browns to 50% mix of Brown and Orange leather

Jacket with SC 75 Irati and Spring Greens...


Thanks for looking!


The Drow

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So little time to hobby....:devil:


Have been doing a bit though...

His Hair was done with MSP Leather White, VMC Ivory, MSP Linen White

The frets on his guitar, pants, knee and shoulder pads with SC 75 Abyssal Blue

Boots with 50% SC 75 Brown and Orange leathers, then Orange Leather...


Comments and critiques welcome, and

Thanks for looking!


The Drow

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Not much done, been working on printing all the band To Scale....


SC 75 Inktensity White on his hair and SC 75 Iroku on his boots, along with some Agrax Earthshade...



Flemmy says thanks for looking, and he wonders what to decorate his guitar with...


The Drow

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