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Caramon Majere

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Caramon Majere. Lots of metal work on this one. The scale shirt and the blade will be simple enough, but the helm and plate are a kind of copper tone, so that's a new one for me. The flesh is rich and warm in the sample art, so here's hoping I can manage that.





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Not a lot of work done over the weekend what with much needed barbecues and the like, b ut I got a little done. I need to paint the shield rim and boss. Ended up dry brushing the scales, since they'd have been impossible to glaze individually and the shirt works a lot like mail armor (which usually looks just right when dry brushed)



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Posted (edited)

Spent a little time over lunch getting the black leathers done. He's starting to come together (though the coppery metals are going to continue driving me nuts till I get those done).


Spent the morning getting signed up for Reapercon classes, so looking forward to taking some of these guys along.



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I think all that's left are the hair, copper armor, rivets, shield rim, boss, and the jewels. Ok, put that way it sounds like a lot but it's the downslope.

Part of me wants to add scratches to that sword but Caramon is always depicted as being pretty disciplined about weapon maintenance. Take care of them and they'll take care of you.


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Got the rim and boss done. Jewels on the shoulder piece next. Probably ought to fiddle with the leather blending, too.


Yes, this means I'm holding off on the plates, likely out of cowardice. Nice thing about a project like this is that I have to learn whether I like it or not.



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