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The curse and blessing of such close up photography


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So one of the last minis I photographed was a Stonehaven Scout, very small mini, and with my own eyes and my even nerdly magnifying goggles I don't always see the imperfections of my minis.  Here was the first version:




and I saw a few things that bugged me.  First from the front under her collar on her left hand side was a black unpainted space, which probably should have been white.  Also with the wash on her left white cuff it was too grey and too stark (sword hand) and then on the back of her vest in the second photo there was a dark wash that was too pronounced.


So I went back and repainted and the front turned out okay, but then, only after looking at the photography I saw this:




That trying to fix her vest I got a spot of white paint on her sleeve, so went back in:




So now I'm hoping got her fixed.  Still far from perfect, but my most obvious errors have been repaired.  This is something I like and dislike about such close photography, too much zoom and you see every little thing that is wrong, but at least you can correct it if you want to.

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5 minutes ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

I have a solution for you:


Wait no less than five years after you have painted a miniature before you take a photograph of it.  It has allowed me to love my mistakes.


Great painting, as always!

With that in mind, I should start taking photos of minis I painted back in the eighties. My heart would be full of love!

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