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Bears Head Miniatures?

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So I just finished a Star Spawn from  Bear's Head Miniatures and went to tag them on Twitter.  No such user found.


Went to the old KS.  Checked their FB page.  No longer there.  Checked their webpage, 404.


Anyone know what happened?

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Looks like he's been on vacation recently, and working on his oil paintings. 


According to KS, the Bears Head Fantasy Series project in 2021 was run by a Philip Hynes in Penarth, UK .


Who has an account on Twitter at philiphynes9, where he claims to be an "aspiring painter, sculptor"


And is also philip_hynes_art on Instagram


So you can reach out and ask what's up. 



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Bear's Head Minis has closed recently - Phil's not doing his own range anymore. I know Annie at Bad Squiddo picked up the undead animals from them, but I don't know if any of the rest will find new homes. 


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He started scaling back late last year. The site has been down since late September 21.


From a LAF thread from January this year


Phil's stated on Twitter that he's indeed doing commission work but the ranges are gone as it was too much hassle in essence.
Animals have mostly gone to Great Escape Games and some adventurers to Dwarven Forge (?)


It is a shame as he had some really nice figures

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Hello! Yes Phil has been focussing on canvas art and chilling out a bit, so he sold his range. He sold it in parts, so it is a bit scattered.

We (Bad Squiddo Games) have most of his undead animals, Frankenstein & Monster, Fairies riding forest animals, cthulhu pups, mummies and a couple bits Ive forgotten about as they're in the remastering queue. Only the undead animals and mummies are out yet, but the others won't be long (launching at Expo this weekend)

Great Escape Games have a lot of the non-undead animals I think (not out yet) and the rest is with other companies, so it's a case of waiting and seeing where they pop up!




Made a new account as I managed to lock myself out of the other?! I'm supposed to be hip and knowing things!

oh yeah - undead chums https://badsquiddogames.com/shop#!/Animals/c/21735086

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Thanks Reaper for sorting out access to my account! Haha, wooo!


The fairies, mummies, Frankenstein are out now, also Phil is one of our sculptors so there's lots more you might not have seen. You can search for sculptor name on the website so you can see all the Phil goodies we have now.


https://badsquiddogames.com/shop#!/~/search/keyword=phil hynes


Also in the Fenris Games Kickstarter now is the undead minotaur and weresheep


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