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Dungeons and Lasers : Encounters


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Still too lazy to start another pre-launch thread 😄 but DaveC answered my question about the pledge levels for D&L 5:  Deuslair! Starts in Q1 or Q2.


Last two pledge levels contain previously released content. Pledge price is how much you'll be paying, before shipping is added. Rapid shipping means that this previously released content will be shipped as a separate, earlier wave. Archon often has "one per backer" SG's, so the best price is usually multiple accounts, with one pledge each! 😛 I usually just pick up one base pledge without the all-in. As much as I want my mini's, I'm also behind on painting! 😞




EDIT: Cute, cuddly, and carnivorous!

EDIT EDIT: Just got the tracking email!

EDIT EDIT EDIT: KS launches 11th April! Preview page up March 14th!




EDIT EDIT EDIT 😛 Again thanks to DaveC that various minion miniatures you will get more than one of will be multi-part with variants!





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I was asked for a couple of comparison shots of the Tarrasque mini in a Discord server, so I spent some hours putting that big boi together and took some pictures, and figured I might as well also share them here:







It's almost perfectly the same size as DCM's Behemoth, which means it'll work great for a campaign idea I've had for some time based on Final Fantasy 7's "Weapons". ;) 

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Since the Drider mini ended up being so tiny, I decided I could rather use its scenic rock base for something else. Like one of the plants that'll have a hard time standing on its own:


No GreenStuff needed for this. Only cut the roots bit by bit to fit in between the rocks. (Also cut the rocks too a tiny bit.) Then loads of plastic glue to melt the polystyrene so I could even so slightly shape the roots the final .5mm or so that was needed, and fill some gaps. ;)

Now this piece of terrain will be possible to actually use. :)

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Here's another comparison shot. The Drider is similar in scale to the DDM "Desert of Desolation" Drider, but out of scale with the DDM "Archfiends" Aspect of Lolth(which is more in line with Reaper minis and most other 28-32mm scale miniatures). Maybe I'll keep it as is. Not sure yet.



I didn't want her to drag the web covered body around, so I cut it off. (I'll just be using that as its own piece of scenery.) I also changed the arm that dragged the body to be bent instead of straight.

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Ours has arrived. Mrs. GG and I are pretty satisfied with what we got. It arrived without notification sowas something of a surprise. A much bigger, and heavier package than we realized it would be. In the end, we are glad we backed the KS. But are unsure if we will back the next one.

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Painted up the oak trees! 😛


Cottage from Battle System's Village Set. Maladum dungeon-themed set coming March 15th!

Game tiles are Ravenkeep's Terra Tile set. Pre-orders still available!

Other trees are Mantic. Mini's from Fantasy Series I and Massive Darkness.

Setting up a game for Lasting Tales. Those civilians are in trouble...!






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I put together the swamp trees yesterday. I like that three of the branches can be placed in any of the three holes for them, makes it possible to have some variation. However, the fourth loose branch can only be placed in one position, and is perhaps the most visible of the loose branches. The main stem/trunk pieces also have two different skulls hanging from them which are not optional. (I'll be cutting those off from some of the trees.)


The trunk also connects to a stump, and the stump can definitely be used on its own. But the trunk doesn't stay on unless you glue it. And there's no easy way to attach magnets on these without them being visible.


Oh, and it took me around 5 hours to clean and glue together these trees. That was a lot of work! Overall they do look great though!


(There are a total of 7 pieces per tree, and though I haven't actually counted, I think the average amount of sprue connection points for each piece is about 6. So that's 242 connection points that has to be cleaned. On top of mold lines, though I skipped most of those.)

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