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Darcstaar’s Q2 2022 Challenge League

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Ok.  False alarm.  Going to try to finish her while primer dried on Petey.  Did the base in Blackened Brown Triad, with a little Linen White added in as a 4th layer.  Dragon Black on the shoes.  Highlighted corset and shoes with added BCA Pink, then Weathered Stone.  Toned it down with a few glazes of very dilute Dragon Black.  Tried to keep highlights relatively narrow to imply shiny leather for the corset.

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Mix 1:1 Khaki Highlight:Candlelight Yellow for the ventral surface.  Nightshade Purple under the Pizza pan and for lining.  Entrail Pink for the tongue.  Blackened Brown for the claws.

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Cleaned up the lining.  Cheese is Blonde Highlight followed by Linen White.  Eyes are Brilliant Green, Viper Green, and some Linen White mixed in for a third hit.  Crust is Blackened Brown and Shield Brown.  Highlighted the belly mix with 2 mix ins of Linen White. Tongue is highlighted with BCA Pink.

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Thanks!  I agree it looks like French Vanilla ice cream.


The eyes are sculpted big and bold, and with a texture for the cartoon pupil.  It was a nice guide, though I had to modify it a little.

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