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Darcstaar’s Q2 2022 Challenge League

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I like my pizza well done…


Pepperoni is Kobold Scale.



Added some Ebony Flesh to that and crisped up the edges.  Then some Dragon Black on the pepperoni and crust.  Finally some Blonde Shadow to add some caramelization to the cheese. Now I’m hungry!

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Walnut Brown on the hair, Dragon Black on the clothing, Uniform Brown on the belt, Stained Ivory on the feathers, Creamy Ivory on the teeth.  Added a menacing white glint to the eyes.

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Highlighted the muck sand.

Painted the orange kelp with a base of 1:1 Golden Shadow:Sunrise Orange.  Washed that with 1:1 Reikland Fleshshade:Casandora Yellow.  Highlighted with Sunrise Orange and then with added Linen White.




Added moss elements to the base.  Painted the tall grass with Viper Green.  The starfish is Candlelight Yellow.  The Blue Crab is Ultramarine Highlight.


All that is left is the water effect pour.

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