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Darcstaar’s Q2 2022 Challenge League

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Thanks!  I’m surprised how much it shrank!  Will let it cure today and do a greenish layer tomorrow.


In the meantime…

“Pop Up” Townsfolk.

starting with Bones I innkeeper.



Basecoats took 2-3 layers over Brown Liner.  Orc Skin, Faded Khaki apron, Walnut Brown boots/belt, Uniform Brown pants, Desert Stone shirt.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen him as a half Orc, thought it would be neat.

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Went over his skin with thinned Orc Skin.  Then added Linen White and Dwarf Flesh to warm up the nose, ears, lips, and double chins/rolls.


I tried to freehand in tusks/fangs to make him more orcish?  Not sure it works, but gonna move on.

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