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ALLSWELL, USA: (or maybe Canada?) Bill Foster, Lumberjack, 50268

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With his double-bitted axe and hobnailed boots, he'll go where the trees grow tall! Where there's work to be done, no matter how hard...


A wonderful sculpt! I had originally planned to paint him up as Manly Dan Corduroy from Gravity Falls, but went with a more colorful theme.
More angles: 









Getting the big timber saw to stand at an angle was probably the hardest part of the shoot. It's made out of the cutting strip from the edge of a cheap plastic-wrap box. The logs are from a Mantic terrain crate if memory serves. 

Here's a visitor!  Not unknown in the great Northwest. (50011, Sasquatch)



If this is on the North side of the border, here are a couple of other Canadian neighbors! I've posted them before, including 50195, Dirk Goodspeed.




Hope you all enjoy! I certainly did. 


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Very cool...I especially like how you handled the denim on the jeans. Overall classic lumberjack color scheme, too.


I also have to point out how inspired your idea for the timber saw is...that's ingenious!

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Thanks, everyone! I appreciate it. I've had the idea for the timber saw rattling around since...well, ever since the last time I ran out of plastic wrap, I guess. It's good to see it made manifest.

My blue jeans recipe was, I think, AP Wolf Grey undercoat, thin layer of GW Leviadon Blue contrast, and then a heavy drybrushing of AP Ice Blue. Repeat the wash and drybrush as needed. 

Glad y'all enjoy!

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