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ALLSWELL, USA: 50055, Sid, Rock Star


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Just a punk with an axe to grind! A heck of a sculpt. full of energy.

Sid has got Opinions about The Man, and also about The System. He's not their biggest fan.




Dude is good for urban adventures and definitely perfect for cyberpunk stuff. 




BWWWWAAAAAARRRRRMM bweedle dweedle bzewww!




Gave him some orange eyeshadow--maybe should try another color, am open to suggestion.



Hope you enjoy!

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Again, great denim. I think the orange eyeshadow works fine. A suggestion on an alternate way to handle the shaved parts of the head (in case you do something similar in the future): paint it flesh tone for starters, then use a lead pencil (not TOO sharp) to color in the shaved area. After that, do some careful smudging on the penciled area and seal it...you should end up with that slightly gray look a freshly-shaven head has (you can also experiment with different colors, of course). Just a suggestion. Very cool mini.

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