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Wild West Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch 80060 and Nephal Shadow Prince Demon 03086 (aka Tasha and Graz'zt)


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Hoping everyone likes my interpretation of D&D's most infamous power couple - Tasha and Graz'zt! 


Please take my word for it; they both look much better in person.  Quick snaps with my mediocre phone camera don't allow for much subtlety in color.  That gleam / shine is from the sealant I put on...should probably have taken pics before, but I didn't. 


Nephal / Graz'zt is all reaper paints: dark skin triad, oranges, warm greens triad, steel triad.  


  • All the existing art of Graz'zt, along with a lot of descriptions, describe him as black on black all black everything blackety blackness from the black...feels like someone is afraid of a color wheel. I gave him an orange wrap and green sash, so now he has a sort of Caribbean vibe. 
  • Feel the heat of the islands as you corrupt the souls of the damned. 


Wicked Witch / Tasha is also all reaper paints (twilight blue, ashen blue, a fortuitously gray-blue sample) except for the leather, which is my craft paint recipe. 


  • Not a lot of Tasha art out there...a few pieces which don't do much to provide an iconic look aside from the tattoo on her cheek.  Depictions of Tasha, like a lot of what I see anymore, is filtered and muted and blurred and...I don't know the terminology, but whatever it is, it's that look of monochromatic washed-out sameness that makes it hard to say what color anything actually is half the time.  
  • Color is based on Ginny Di's excellent cosplay: https://twitter.com/itsginnydi/status/1323340348924547072
  • The right hand is a nightmare.  I was going to simply snip and reverse the hand that was on the model, but I cut it off and then promptly lost it.  Had to sculpt one from scratch which is NOT something I'm very good at.  TBH that hand is like 75% paint...
  • Tasha's grimoire is from the old Mordheim sprue.  






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Graz'zt came out great. You've managed to keep things nice and dark, while still adding dimension in the skin (the pops of color on the clothing are also a good addition).


I like what you did with Tasha, too. The blue highlights look pretty good. Sounds like she was a pain, but it was worth it.

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@Grand Slam Thank you - you're too kind!  Tasha was a real mixed bag...obviously the conversion work was a hassle, but I also have a gripe or two about how her head came out, and not just my paint work.  Mold lines were moderate, which was a *thing* but she's also got kind of a strange head-to-neck ratio...could be a casting / mold issue.  I may go back and increase the contrast on her face to give it more definition but for right now I'm kind of like "cool - done" lol. 

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