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W&N Series 7


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I'm not sure if this is a standing sale, but the Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes are 61% off MSRP at dickblick.com


Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky rounds


Seeing as how the local art shops around me are selling them closer to the 10-15 dollar range. I was happy and picked myself up a few. Hate buying them online so I can't test them, but that's what money back guarantees are for :lol:

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Dick Blick is fun to say.


I like toe W&N brushes, they are quite nice, but I try to go with synthetics. I just hate to think of these guys as going around without a tail!





Nah, more realistically I'm really hard (read - abusive) to my brushes and it would bum me out considerably to ruin a $14 brush after 6 mos. These prices are just a little more than I pay for a Loew Cornell synthetic (I usually use the white nylon - but at $3-4 for a brush, I don't cry when they bend after a few months)

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I've used the W&Ns for a little over 6 mos now. I'm guilty of every brush infraction on the planet. I've yet to replace my favorite....and he looks very rough at this point. However, the hair is still in perfect shape. All you gotta do is clean and condition 'em...not much effort at all.


And if I had to cut the tails off those guys myself so I could have a brush....I would just ask:

"Where's the axe?" ::D:

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I consider the W&N more than worth it.


Considering I can ruin ANY brush in two minis or less, purchasing and using the Series 7s has actually saved me money in the long run.


I was scared of ruining the brushes when I first bought them. But they take abuse better than anything I've ever seen. And when you paint like I do, that's SERIOUS abuse we're talking about.


So, don't be shy... grab a #0 and try it out... that's about all you need. ::):

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At $6-$8 a brush from Dick Blick, there isn't any reason why anyone shouldn't own at least one of these brushes. If you take your painting seriously, you will buy serious tools.


Having purchased over half a dozen W&Ns alone from Dick Blick (never mind their own brand and others), I can say with authority that each and every brush they shipped was in better shape than any I have ever purchased personally from a local vendor. I doubt anyone else ever removed the caps and tested the brushes before I recieved them. They were perfect.


But beyond this, they'll exchange them if you don't like them, so you have nothing to lose.


So, again... At more than %50 off usual retail price, there isn't any reason why a serious painter would deny him- or herself one or more of these tools.

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I'm thinking of ordering some, actually... like I said.. at these prices I wouldn't sweat it much... it not too terrible to pay for brushes.


They have the miniature series also (the Series 7m), which is what I'd really look for I think. (after a dying man swore on his last breath these are the best for painting minis - well maybe not that extreme, but he was rather adiment about it)


Dick blick.




these are the Series 7ms

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ASWEXPRESS.com has Windsor Newton Series 7 Brushes on sale till the end of sept.


Size 000 is $5.68 each

Size 00 is $5.98 each

Size 0 is $6.18 each

Size 1 is $6.98 each


This can take you right to the ordering page:



The only thing wrong is the S/H is $10.00 on orders...


But the prices are right for the brushes, I haven't personally ordered from them but am going to before the end of the month...Hope this helps

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