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Who has used the Frostgrave Captain?

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We've used them but didn't play much after starting with them. The biggest advantage I noticed was getting the third group action. We tend to forget about their special abilities a lot of the time. Ours tended to die before they got much xp but I think they could get pretty nasty after a few upgrades. Mostly we started using them once we had maxed out the better henchmen slots to get someone that can use xp.

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I will be adding one to my solo game campaign. I have heard multiple reports that the vapour snakes are especially deadly, so I thought I'd try a captain here. Will post a Bat Rep. Many of the solo games only let you use half your warband, so I'm buying a captain instead of an apprentice. We'll see how that goes, if it unbalances the game or what. 

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