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June Newsletter


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Kobzar Soloveiko, Nightingale Bard 2022 Relief Miniature

Sold: 2815

Amount donated:  $21,100.20



All Kickstarter Updates! 


Bones 5.5 - Currently the first shipment is sailing and expected to be in Houston on June 17th.

We do not have an ETA for our facility yet. We have not checked yet to see if any orders qualify, but any orders that can completely be filled from this shipment will be processed without waiting on the second shipment to arrive.

 We are awaiting shipping information from our second vendor concerning the ready status. If you will remember, this vendor is around the area of China that suffered the heavy Covid shutdowns earlier this spring. We have not been notified of any delay in delivery, but we want to confirm with them that we’re still on schedule for late June delivery as well.  


Base Boss 2 and Bones 6 - We expect the pledge managers for both Base Boss 2 and Bones 6 to be up early June!
Bones 6 newest update June 3rd!


We have incorporated some new changes that were made in both recent Kickstarters. Primarily:

  • Actual shipping costs will be determined. In the past, we used a prepaid estimate system that led to both over-and undercharging of shipping.
  • International shipments will be able to pay all VAT, GST, and Duties at the time you pay your Kickstarter shipping.  This will allow your package to swiftly move through customs and to your door.


As always, we appreciate our Backers’ patience as we’ve been working very hard on the new Reaper Pledge Manager!




DDRPG playtest and players primer! 


Dungeon Dwellers Player Primer


Dungeon Dweller Role Playing Game Discord feedback discussion

Reaper Official Forum Dungeon Dwellers RPG Questions and Feedback


New Releases


30076 Lars Ragnarson by Bob Ridolfi $5.99 or FREE with any $40 purchase made on Reapermini.com! See the details here!

Studio model painted by Rhonda Bender


Available now! 

New Bones USA Dungeons Dwellers

7027 Human Monk, Brother Hammond - Bobby Jackson $5.99

7028 Elf Wizard, Anthanelle - Bobby Jackson $5.99

7062 Ogre Clubber - Bobby Jackson $6.99

7063 Ogre Guard - Bobby Jackson $6.99 


New Bones Classic

77506 Kobolds (Nightclaw)(6) - Kevin Williams


New Bones USA Reaper Legends 

30056 Cart (44140) - Chris Lewis $6.99

30057 Fishing Boat - Chris Lewis $6.99

30058 Catfolk Fighter, Mal - Julie Guthrie $5.99

30059 Catfolk Rogue, Shadoweyes - Julie Guthrie $5.99

30060 Gabron Farpath, Ranger - Bob Ridolfi $5.99


Coming June 20th!
quick paint zomb.jpg

09916 Learn to Paint Series Zombies Quick Paint Set



Section - Quarterly Contest

avatar res.jpg

20th Quarterly Contest info


Model: 77587 Avatar of Resilience!

Submission Start: April 1 

Submission End: June 24th at 6:00 pm CT

Voting: June 25th - June 30th, 6:00 pm CT



ReaperCon 22. 
Admission Tickets are available now! 



VIP 4-Day Admission is $100 and includes:

Admission for all four days to ReaperCon 2022 ($80 value)

One VIP Bonus Bundle including: $20 Gift Card, resin VIP Miniature, resin HOF Miniature, 1 set of exclusive Pizza Dungeon “Dungeon Dwellers” Dice, one randomly Bones 6 Preview Miniature, and one MSP Core Color VIP Triad

$500 in Reaper Bucks, good for purchasing merchandise from the Reaper Bucks store

4 Faction Tokens


4 Day Admission is $50 and includes:

Admission for all four days to ReaperCon 2022 ($80 value)

One $20 gift voucher good at the ReaperCon Store or Reaper Game Store

$200 in Reaper Bucks, good for purchasing merchandise from the Reaper Bucks store

4 Faction Tokens


Daily Passes $20


Attendance into ReaperCon 2022 is free for children 12 and under with the paid admission of a parent or guardian. 



Take a look at all of the classes that we’re currently offering for ReaperCon 2022!

Class tickets on sale soon!


Swag bags

We’ll be taking preorders for ReaperCon Swag in 2022 just like we did last year for RC2021. We do this because we include items, like resin figures, that are not manufactured on-site, as well as items we purchase from outside vendors. There will be a limited number of Swag items available at the show as well.


More details regarding Swag Box items will be coming soon on ReaperMini.com!

We’re pleased to let everyone know that you may now book rooms at the Best Western Inn & Suites and the Fairfield Inn just across the street from the Denton Convention Center. They’re offering a special ReaperCon rate for 2022. Please check the Location and Lodging section of ReaperCon.com  for more ReaperCon hotel information!

Partnered Hotels:
Fairfield inn and suites
Best Western

Ask Reaper Anything!

Question: “Do you ever plan to print your adventure modules?”

Sophie: Yes! We announced our plans and showcased the Dungeon Dwellers Roleplaying Game during our Bones 6 campaign. We plan to have a physical version of this by Spring of 2023. Follow along and join the conversation in our official venues.

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