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Song of Blades and Heroes cover art diorama

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Kind of starting this after it's been started, but anyway.


The goal is to reproduce the best I can the Song of Blades and Heroes second edition cover art with a small diorama using Reaper miniatures.


At the current stage I have the hills roughed out and trying to figure out where to place the bark chips for texture. Had to pick up some plaster filler for between the chips. Laser cut some base ring/holes for the models to slot into when done. Need to build up and around the base rings, thinking of using foam board with cutouts. I also want to add some height to the spell caster kobold. I'll take a new pic once the foam work is done.



Fun fact. This is my favorite game, so much so that I did a lot of the artwork inside the rulebook!





A copy of the cover for those who are unfamiliar with the game.



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Foam and bark chips are done! Only burnt the crap out of my finger once with the glue gun!

Added some height to the right side hill so the perspective was better on the kobold wizard.

Topped off each with a layer of dollar store foam with cutouts for the wood base sockets.


Next up is to fill the gaps with plaster. Coat all the flat areas in sand similar to the base tops so it all blends in.





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Plaster work is done! I found that a wet paint brush is best for applying this light weight filler.


Also needed some flock a similar color to the grassy/mossy area in the artwork. So finally decided to make my own flocking. I watched a few youtubes on this and saved a bunch of saw dust from work. So after some sifting, mixing the sawdust with cheap craft paint and alcohol in a sour cream container I have what you see here. I am pretty happy with this, just need to sift it again in the morning and bag it ready to use. No I have some flock in the right color.




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All the sand work, and basic paint is done. Looks a lot better in a single color!


Next up is the paint work, the plan is heavy drybrush with light grey, then bone color. Then a oil wash of brown/black. Then successive dry brushing from grey/light grey/white. I may add some light glazes of color.





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Flocking is finished. Gave everything a heavy spray of testers dull coat.


Next up is to get something for a background that I can paint the sky. This will force me to use my airbrush, which I have not opened since I bought it.


I also want to make a cool acrylic surround for the entire display, but that can come after I finish it for a mock cover photo!




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nicely done, very good looking diorama. I've never played the game but i have some of their mini's


If you would be so inclined,  post the final version in the show off section, with more photos and different angles , especially from down low , the " character perspective"

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Well, 2 weeks later....

Took me four tries to get something I liked. Got lots of practice with the new airbrush. Practice all my cussing poetry.


Backdrop is done. next step is to finish the sides of the terrain bit in black and take some photos to get an approximation of the cover. I don't think I'm going to be able to do it in one single photo. I may need to break up all the elements and do a composite image in photoshop to get something like the front cover, we will see.



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