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Paymaster Games Presents: Going Native. Rise of the City States


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I'm just gonna let them sell it:



This Kickstarter campaign is intended to expand the Going Native line of models. We have a lot of new models sculpted and ready to be cast, along with scores of newly designed models that are ready to head off to the sculptors. We are doing a lot of new things with this campaign than we have done with earlier campaigns. So lets get started -


Rise of the City States

In the Americas, as in Europe, powerful states would rise out of small chiefdoms or towns. These states were mighty cities with formidable militaries often lead by savvy and charismatic kings, queens or princes.  While we will stretch beyond this from time to time, the City States will be the main theme of this campaign.


Physical Products

Unlike Kickstarter campaigns, all of my models and kit Physical products and not printable files. The vast majority of my models have be hand sculpted and classically cast. This campaign is very much a celebration of craftsmanship. Man sized models are planned to be spun cast in metal. The larger than man sized models will be cast in resin.


It's shiny. There's a guy riding a giant starfish. How can you go wrong with that? >.>

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Thanks for the Post.


So here is that Giant Starfish mount. We are calling him Patricus.  The first rider planned for Patricus is fantasy mercenary hero, that would not be out of place in a Merceary army or party. As the campaign continues we will unlock more rider for Patricus.







Also I wanted to point out that we are running a Cross Promotion with Mana Press's Tribal Skirminsh game. We have created 4 Tribal Starter Kits from the different lines we are offering during the campaign. This really is a great game and i very proud to offer models that work so well with the game.

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Please do not let the shipping discourage you. I have gone through a fair mount of effort to make shippping very affordable to every one. 


I have already imported several copies of Tribal and nearly all of the models in this campaign are ready to go at the casters. I just need the funds to run them. Every thing helps from the smallest impuse by to the the largest battle force. So the costs are as cheep as i can get them, and in most cases you will get most of the model before the christmas holiday.


If you can not pledge during this campaign, I completely understand. Please let your freinds and gaming groups know about this campaign. I would love to see/ hear about people in your towns and gaming groups playing Tribal with my models. 


Thank you for helping spread the word about this camapign. 

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that we have reached the $3000 mark. We have reached the final push over the line to the goal.

Please help me push this campaing over the finish line. Please let your gaming groups, forums and freinds know about this campaign.

Thank you very much for your support of my company and model lines.

Here are some photos of my new models -


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