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Ma'al Drakar Finished


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1 minute ago, Glitterwolf said:

Quite the achievement!


I like how you made those eyes glow!

Great work!

Thanks, it took me about five tries per eyeball to get it within the ballpark of where I wanted them, having to scrape them out each time. I had to call it when it got close to what I was imagining.

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36 minutes ago, Iridil said:

Beautiful! Love the glowing eyes, the coloring on the white head and the sublime blending on that tail. What a project!

Thanks, it certainly was, sits amongst my biggest projects alongside Kaladrax Reborn (also for the same guy), my Monoliths, and my Warhound Titan. I'm planning on taking some of the recipe for the white head and translating it over to my Argent.

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29 minutes ago, Citrine said:

Very nice job, love your glowing eyes!  I tackled this beast a few years back and it took me 6 months.

That's pretty good, took me a bit longer than that, but between a full time job and having my own place to take care of doesn't leave a lot of time left over for fun stuff

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11 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Stunning, beautiful work.  Too bad it isn’t yours.  I hope you were adequately compensated.

Yeah, it would be nice to keep, but it takes up a lot of space and I got to practice for all my own dragons.

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