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Dwellers of the Darkest Depths 28mm Miniatures


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Tomb Guardians, Kickstarter "Dwellers of the Darkest Depths" is Live, Funded and 1st stretch goal hit!


As the pledger, have the option of selecting from 4 DIFFERENT CORE SETS. You can choose to purchase 1 set, 2 sets, 3 sets or the "All In 4 Core Sets Collection!" option.


1.  Dark Elves (Christina Van Patten)

2.  Bugbears (Glenn Harris)

3.  Evil Cultists (Jason Weibe)

4.  Goblins (Jason Weibe)


Preview Kickstarter:



Our incredible sculptures have done an amazing job with these miniatures!






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I’d say I’m about 50/50 right now on this one. 

Stretch goals are less ambitious so far, I miss the metal option and I’m on the fence about giving more money while I’m still waiting for my previous stretch goals to ship.


But those are some sweet bugbears and the items I have received from

the prior Kickstarter were really chunky and of good quality.  

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Hey AlonTey,


I just got notification last week of my stretch goals shipping.  Have you received your Core Set yet?  They said, they have completed the Core sets and stretch goals will be mailed within the next 2-3 weeks.  You could always email them.  Just trying to help.   Not that it matters, but I'm all in on these minis.  Good luck to you

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I just want to give a big shout-out to this company and urge anyone who's on the fence about pledging for this KS, or buying any of their other figures, to go for it.


I went all-in on their last KS and not only was I extremely happy with the figures I received but the company went above and beyond in resolving some shipping issues that were no fault of their own.  Basically, my post office mistakenly gave my KS packages to another customer who, after repeated pleadings from me, only returned about half of the miniatures they'd taken.


But Tomb Guardians stepped up and without hesitation replaced ALL of those missing miniatures at their own expense.  That's just fantastic customer service and I will always be a supporter of this company for that.


Plus, the miniatures are just really well designed and manufactured.  They're a really good alternative to Reaper IMO.

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By cruel twist of fate and postal service my stretch goals arrived this afternoon.  Won't be of any help to anybody who didn't already back but might be of help for future backers?


Each individual model arrived in its own blister with no damage or defect I've noticed as of yet.




Resin is of good quality, doesn't feel brittle at all and don't see print lines.  Scale for prior stretch goals is a bit smaller than expected.  WIP metal dwarf from Tomb Guardians on the left, resin "not death tyrant" from Tomb Guardians in the middle and Wizkids Death Tyrant on right.




Ultimately didn't make sense for me to back this go around but might pick the bugbears up at retail.  


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