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Intergalactic Journey, Glitterwolf paints Aliens, Spacecraft and other Scifi things.

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Normally I stick to Fantasy but recently I acquired 3D files for a wonderful faction of Space Woofs.

The Jackals from Onepagerules.

Naturally I bought them all...


Don't worry citizen, WOOF has no plans to conquer the Galaxy...honest...


In the welcome pack of that patreon I also got several Robot Legion Troops and I got some free Alien Hive and Eternal Dynasty minis as well.

Combined with a "few" other scifi minis and files I have, I decided it to be time to explore the Galaxy.


This is not my first time though.


Here are some minis I painted in the past that fit the bill.









Enough of that...

On to adventures in Space!


I present the Jackals.




First 3D prints are now curing.


A Jackal Assault Beast.

Three Jackal Nomads

A few Power Packs, Backpack/Rocket pack and an Oil Drum.


This will make a nice start.





Since I don't play the game I will paint what I like and make up my own stories like you're used from me.


Official background for the Jackals:




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13 minutes ago, knarthex said:

Not a speck of glitter???!!!


Biggest problem with 3d prints

FRAGILE  as broccoli!

Since I only paint for fun and display it's alright, I only have broken some stuff during removing the supports.

Once based and painted no problems.

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15 hours ago, Corsair said:

I see these guys have "tail-toaster" jet packs too!


It just looks that way, all of these are Infantry/Cavalry types and have backpacks no jetpacks.

The Vultures are the Flying unit and they have some sort of flapping wings construction.

so I guess they'll be fine and otherwise they have invented a quick way of docking tails..

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First basecoating the Jackals.

( Vallejo-Israeli Sands Brush on Primer)



( also asking this in random..I need input here)


I don't game, paint for fun and display.

Love basing but now I'm doubt:


Round or Square?

The OPR official basing set for these comes in both square and rounds.

But what looks better?


Please Vote for Square or round bases.



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Both bases look good. Which one has more choices for variety? I think you would prefer the randomness. Or, do you want to stage them in a formation to display them? Square would work better for that. Or make a diorama that accepts the style base you would like so they can be picked up and admired. I think you do need to paint at least one up as Wile E Coyote and paint ACME on his jetpack.

ACME aerospace.jpg

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