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Aku-chan Embraces The Future!

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With the Kingdom Death range seemingly moving towards 3D printed minis for their non-game stuff, I reluctantly picked up a pair (My only previous experience with a 3D printed mini being a very anime-styled witch I got from Ebay. I opened the package, looked at the tiny mini encased in a giant mass of web-like filaments, had a flashback to trying to clean Forgeworld resin minis (The triangles! To this day they haunt me still!) and shoved her straight back on Ebay.):-




(Astri the Promised is the big one, the other is Badar the Venomous).


Fortunately, these ones were nowhere near as bad!

They'd already been given a pretty good tidy up, so all I had to do was remove any remaining nubs and give them a good scrub with a wet toothbrush.


Hopefully they'll be dry by tomorrow, so they can be assembled and undercoated.

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20 hours ago, haldir said:

Have fun.


They should assemble with regular superglue & normal primer methods.


I will!





They're now assembled, undercoated, based and given a Brown Wash.

No problems so far (I did manage to drop Astri and snap the tip off her bow, but it glued back on easily enough), if anything I think they've been easier to prep than normal resin due to the lack of mold-lines. So I guess I'll still be buying Kingdom Death minis if they stop producing resin versions (Oh noes! Buying more minis, how terrible!).


Now on to the hard part, painting!

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Finally did some painting:-




Astri's cape is done (It's still a little wet in the piccy), this started as a base of Stormy Blue/Pure Black, then a drybrush of Stormy Blue, then the outside bot further drybrushes of Stormy Blue/Ghost Grey and 1:2 Stormy Blue/Ghost Grey, everything then got a Black Wash, re-did the 1:2 Stormy Blue/Ghost Grey drybrush, then it all got a Blue Wash.




Badar got some skin.

This is a base of Barbarian Flesh, then Flesh Wash, then Barbarian Flesh and finally 6:1 Barbarian Flesh/Light Flesh.

Going by the concept art he's supposed to have a little goatee, but I think he looks better without.




Made a start on his coat, with a base of Magic Blue on the outside and 1:3 Magic Blue/Stormy Blue on the inside.


Getting tired so left it there, can't remember how to paint big, flowy cape things at the mo'.

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Getting back to this.




Astri got a (Somewhat washed out) face.

This was a base of Rosy Flesh, then Flesh Wash, then highlights of Rosy Flesh and 1:1 Rosy Flesh/Light Flesh.

She's got a very fine scar across one eye that I tried to pick out with 1:1 Light Flesh/Scarlett Red.

Her lips are 1:1 Light Flesh/Warlord Purple with an Off-white highlight dot, and a bit more Flesh Wash between the lips.

Tried giving her eyes, even on a lady this big I found it a struggle.

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