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Bones 5 War Mammoth

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Very good tusks!

There are lots of good ways to paint rust; my preferred method is stippling a big patch of dark brown, and then stippling over top in successively smaller random patches warm brown, brownish-orange, bright orange, and finally tiny flecks of yellow. I think if you splash some matte brown around the red on the chain mail and maybe drybrush with a tiny bit of orange it should work nicely.

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Very good, the tusks in particulair are great!



Invest in this set:


You'll get the paints needed for it and more...and step by step tutorial.

Works like a charm. Worth it.


It also has a bottle of chipping medium in it.

I've used that a few times, works great.



Schermafbeelding 2022-06-19 100849.jpg

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I Like the metal, if it was on a Paladin  it would be perfect. Maybe a little too neat and shiny for a war elephant, but it still looks good contrasting with the Browns and Yellows

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I still regret not getting one of these during Bones 5. That fur is great, and I think the tmm is looking good. A little shiny, yes, but you can just chalk it up to being well-looked-after armor.


I tend to do my rust in two phases. Coat one will be a mix of burgundy/gold/brown stippled on. Then coat two involves stippling on a tan/gold mix. If you go too heavy on the second coat, you can always adjust with some more from the first coat. Also, make sure you're using a brush you don't care so much about preserving 🙂 I know the gold sounds like kind of a weird inclusion, but give it a shot. It may surprise you.


Again, really cool piece!

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