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Australia - has shipping just changed?


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As the title says - has the Reaper shipping policy just changed for Australia?


Usually I do a big $100 USD plus order from the US store to get it shipped for free, plus the freebies, but just went to do my order today and it's no longer available - I can pay shipping, or pay in AUD to have it shipped from the Australian distributor (whom I loathe with a passion - lack of stock, crummy customer service, over priced - the antithesis of Reaper) and miss out on the freebies as well. Truthfully my orders usually end up near the $200 mark because I get impatient, and that extra free mini tempts me in. 


I looks like now the choice is

a) pay USD, no free shipping but freebies


b) pay AUD from the Atherworks distributor, no freebies, crummy service and selection, but free shipping


OR (but not likely) 

I guess stop buying new minis and just work on the piles of shame that I already have....


This change must have just happened - mid month when I went to order this option was still available. 


Have any other Aussies noticed this? 

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I saw this on IronWind Metals page this evening. But I don’t know how long it has been there. 

Attention: Shipping to New Zealand is temporally suspended, due to USPS temporally suspending First Class package International Service and Priority Mail International due to COVID-19 Pandemic.


Might be related ^ Might not. 

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Their website says "We also offer a free shipping option for orders over €60, £50 and $100 AUD." I guess this probably means from Aetherworks, which as you noted, are horrible and have inflated prices (beyond the "Aussie tax"), no selection, terrible service, and you don't get the free minis advertised by Reaper, plus you will wait forever for them to ship your order..


Several months ago when many of us from Oz/NZ emailed asking what the situation was with the store and if we were being forced into buying from Aetherworks, Ed wrote back and said he would raise the free shipping if we were trying to purchase from the US store and make it $300 for free shipping to Oz/NZ from the Texas store. I just loaded the cart with over $300 worth of stuff and it still would not give free shipping. I mean, $300 for free shipping is ridiculous anyway but it apparently wasn't even true. 


I decided when I received that email that they were not interested in my business anymore. You might try Tabletop Empires. They are in Australia, he is a nice guy with reasonable prices and he tries to keep a decent selection of Reaper minis and paints.

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