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Local Legends by Steamforged Games


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Got a prelaunch notification for Steamgforged's next project, Local legends

There’s more to a tavern than just beer and brawling… Create unforgettable RPG campaigns with Epic Encounters: Local Legends!



I thought I could pass but then I saw this:



Hit me right in the pirate needs


I don't see a launch date yet though

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More art here:








What’s Included?

Discover ten larger-than-life RPG taverns, each ready to drop straight into your campaigns with gripping, prewritten adventures, detailed lore, characterful NPCs, stunning artwork, battle and terrain maps, a PDF adventure book, addictive minigames, stunning PVC miniatures, story hooks, and tips and tricks to keep your players glued to edge of their seats. Phew!

And, once you’ve graduated from the Grand Academy, these tavern-based adventures will be perfect for giving your budding bards and wannabe warlocks a taste of high-stakes campaigning! Do you want to see your favourite school chums take on Owlbears, Ghost Pirates, Hill Giants, and more? Well, this is your chance!

So, Are You Ready to Find Out What Makes Your Local Tavern Legendary?

Don’t delay Follow the Epic Encounters: Local Legends Kickstarter now to have your say in designing the tavern NPCs through a daily vote. Cheers! 

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Coming to Kickstarter on June 28, Epic Encounters: Local Legends gives you EVERYTHING you need to run tavern encounters and adventures, straight out of the box!

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they just sent out a what to expect email (see the steamforged games blog for details)

summary: 20$ pdf, 45$ books/cards/handouts/maps etc, 80$ for books and 4 combat encounters worth of minis and paper maps, 160$ for 9 combat encounters (2 are KS exclusive) and maps and DM screen and dice. 

I don't see how they package it for retail unless they break up the books and do 2-4 encounters per set.

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