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Painting During the Pandemic 2022: Summer's small statues

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On 7/1/2022 at 10:43 PM, aku-chan said:

Keeping it simple seems to be working for me at the moment, so this month I'm mainly going to be concentrating on my Ghostly Ferryman. 

But I also want to start something for Kingdom Deaths Pin-up competition, and I'm waiting to see if Reapers latest quarterly competition is going to be something I find interesting.  


Did okay this month.

Didn't get as much done on my Ghostly Ferryman as I would've liked (It's my own fault for completing too much of his assembly, gives him too many nooks and crannies to paint!), but I made decent progress on a number of things and finished 3 minis, one of which was my Kingdom Death competition mini.


Didn't do the Reaper competition, Mouselings aren't my thing.

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As recent months go, this one wasn’t bad.




I got a start on a 40mm imaginary countries unit, found a couple of ancient Spanish cavalry that had never gotten based and did that, painted some Norman crossbows for Saga, and did some 1/72 scale work, including a test of Army Painter speed paints (ok) and Games Workshop contrast paints (not good). Since they ended up being mustered on the wargames book shelf, I decided to leave the background in. 😀


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On 7/29/2022 at 7:35 PM, Olaf the Stout said:

I started a new job in February. While that was fantastic for me for many reasons, it was terrible for maintaining my painting schedule. I got almost no painting done between March and June and fell massively behind schedule.


My painting goals for each month are:

  • Paint 2 minis per week
  • One of which must be painted in under 2 hours per mini (to move towards my overarching life goal of "progress, not perfection")
  • Paint 1 terrain piece per week

At the start of July I was a massive 46 minis and 17 terrain pieces behind schedule!


The kids wanted to do some painting and found some cool Moana coconut people from one of the Patreons I subscribe to, so I 3D printed those and we spent a day painting them. That allowed me to catch up a little.


Then, a week ago, came some good news and bad news.


The bad news was I got COVID. The good news is that it has been mild enough so far that I've been able to spend a lot of my mandatory isolation period painting.


In July I've now painted 22 terrain pieces and 14 minis. So I've fully caught up on my terrain and I'm only(!) 40 minis behind schedule.


I hope to paint a few more minis in the next few days to catch up a little more but, either way, I feel that just getting back to painting has been an accomplishment in and of itself.


I'll post pics of everything from this month in a few days.


Lucky I got my painting mojo back, because my Dungeons and Lasers pledge arrived this week. There's around 200 minis and a tonne of scenery pieces in there. I'm going to need a lot of time off work to ever get through it all!

Pics of July’s painting efforts.


I has fun doing interesting painting experiments with the doors, just seeing what would work.




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