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Swapping FA-45s on APCs


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Nope, right on the DataCards;


"May not alter weapons systems except to remove them."


But as stated elsewhere, by Reaper Matt, FA-45s and 1A2 GLs can be swapped out on other vehicles at no points cost. Hence my question: Can we swap out the FA-45s for 1A2 GLs on APCs?


I noticed that CAV-RC doesn't allow it.

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Frosch, you were sat opposite me when I asked Matt about that :o) Guess your memory's worse than mine sometimes :o)


Yeah, those sorts of things are in CAV-RC. The 1A2 and FA-45 are designated vehicle weapons and APC's can only have their weapons removed.


Also, vehicles and infantry can only have a single pod, not two like the other types of unit.

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