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How do I buy the whole range?

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And does reaper have a set in stone way of producing sets that facilitates buying future paints without duplicates?

I am talking about just the reaper MSP core set. Not bones. I want to set a plan to own the whole range as I've used reaper paints for a while. Some problems but I do really like them overall. After watching a recent well timed youtube vid I'm more dedicated to just slamming down hundreds of dollars to lock in a good paint range. I've looked at the website and there are just so many sets and names of sets and different ways they describe the set. Idk if Core Colors Set #2 has duplicates of Core Colors Master Set (09001-09270). Is it one duplicate or 50. Do if I buy both naming shemes will i get two of each color?

I just want to know how to buy the whole range and if I buy them when reaper releases new paints how do purchase just the ones I don't have. I am not of fan of adding 40 new paints to cart, Lets be real this paint range is one of the cheaper ones and I love a bulk buy discount. (The youtube vid placed reaper #2 overall paint range which is why im willing to go all in. Love the paints shoutout to shadowed steel)

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So yeah the website can be confusing but

Master Series Paints Core Colors Set #1  SKU: 09951   https://www.reapermini.com/search/9951 has the SKUs 9001 to 9116 of the active MSP paints.

MASTER SERIES CORE COLORS SET #2 SKU: 09957  https://www.reapermini.com/search/9957 has the  SKUs 9117 to 9321 of the active MSP paints.

MASTER SERIES PAINT CORE COLORS MASTER SET SKU: 09956 https://www.reapermini.com/search/9956 has all the SKUs from 9001 to 9321 of the active MSP paints. It's the first 2 combined.  (Ignore the graphic, I'm going to let Ron know it is outdated)

For 9322 to 9337 you will have to buy as singles/triads atm.


So hopefully that clears it up a little bit.  But these are a great value if you buy Master Series Paints Core Colors Set #1 or Master Series Paints Core Colors Set #2 you are saving like $70 over buying singles, and if you buy Master Series Paints Core Colors Master Set its like $140.  Plus you won't make the internet dept angry with you =p


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There are a lot of great colours in the Bones set, so I wouldn't overlook it. In fact, the designer of the paints has said that the Bones metallic colours are superior to the MSP line. The Bones line was created later and a different kind of metal flake base had become available that is a bit shinier. The Bones paints are mixed with the same pigments as used in the MSP line, and the other elements in the mix are similar to the rest of the Reaper line. The main difference is the Bones paints are overall slightly more opaque, and intended to have opaque coverage in 1-2 coats, so far as is possible with the limitations of pigments. Some pigments are more transparent by nature, and some more opaque by nature. Most bright red and yellow paints require multiple coats. A Bones red or yellow is likely to require fewer coats than a classic MSP. It's a little less pure as a mixing colour, but if you're buying a bunch of paints it's probably to save time and do less mixing. (That's why I have almost every paint Reaper has ever made. ;->)


The Pathfinder paint line is similar to the Bones paints, with the colours having been selected by Paizo. There are a lot of colours I love in this set, though I don't recommend it as the only set of paint someone gets. It doesn't have enough dark colours to use for shading/washes.


Overall the formulations of all the Reaper lines are very similar. They're all the same level of matte, they're all similar kinds of acrylic base formulations with similar additives. The base is the non-pigment part of the paint, the part that makes it acrylic paint. Some paint lines use a more acrylic base, some use a more vinyl base. They're all acrylic paints, just slight different formulae. There are advantages to both, but painters often get accustomed to or prefer one or the other. Reaper's is a more acrylic base. Additives are things like flow improver and matting agent. All Reaper paints include a little flow improver in the mix.

I treat all Reaper paints as pretty much identical in my painting practice, and just choose by the colours I like. The only difference beyond that is if I'm doing a painting task where a more opaque colour is handy, I'll pick a Bones if I can. Paint that isn't so opaque and is very intense in colour usually works best for glazes, so I'll look for paints with that property for glazes.

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Reaper announced earlier this year that there were plans to combine the MSP and MSP-Bones paints into a single paint line called Core Colors, with colors still using their existing product IDs/SKUs.  I haven't heard more about that since it was announced though.  If they're combined into one range, it might make it a little less obvious which ones were traditionally MSP versus MSP-Bones, but I guess you can still tell by the SKUs.  (That's probably why they're being combined into one line, because people were passing up one product line in preference for the other.)  On the website presently, MSP paints are listed as Core Colors, but the video indicates Core Colors will include MSP and MSP-Bones.  (That may have changed since the video was posted though.) 
The combination of the product lines is mentioned in the YouTube video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8sz7OGZSQk

Another problem with trying to get ALL the paints in the product lines is that there are limited edition/special occasion paints.  Like the holiday colors and ReaperCon colors.  Some colors are only released in a specific FastPalette set now too, I think.  For example, the six paints in the 9908 Cybergangs FastPalette set and the six paints in 9911 Darkreach Colors FastPalette set.  Also, the six paints in the 9912 Gloom and Grave Colors FastPalette set.  (That set is still listed as in-stock as I post this).  From what I can tell, any paints with SKU in the 29000 series only appear in the new FastPalette sets.  It looks like they're being added to the website list of MSP Core Colors paints but all the 29000 paints are listed individually as out of stock.  Of course that could change later--maybe they just haven't done any batches yet outside of the ones that went into the FastPalette sets but there are still plans to do so (since they are listed individually).     

I've got the 09970 Starter Set (which has a mix of MSP and MSP-Bones in it) and the 09973 MSP Holiday Colors set (which includes one Bones paint).  I'm planning to order the 09967 Pathfinder Colors of Golarion #1 set this week as I want to get both the Pathfinder sets. 


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