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2022 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup


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I know I heard from several that finding @Corsair was difficult, but he was the first person to sign my Bingo card! I tried to point him out to people looking for him if I knew. We both happened to be hanging around the Magical Girl Assault demo table on Thursday morning, right after I got my card.


I had a lot of fun with the Bingo this year. I didn't do it last year and attempted it (and failed) in 2019. 

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23 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

I never could find @Corsair, nor @Cygnwulf. Granted, I didn't search that hard and may have been sitting next to you guys all along. Or I didn't have my card on me at the time (@Keianna for example).


I think I was three squares away from blackout.

yeah, we talked several times, I was the guy in the red and white flat cap.  You gave me fudge Friday night.

In fact, you were on my bingo card too, I really thought I signed yours.....

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