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Ral Partha Fire Giant, sculpted by Tom Meier way back in 1977


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2 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Great job.  Love the classic skin and hair choices.

Thank you very much Darcstaar, I think it took me way too long to paint this figure, many years before I dared to, but it was always with that idea as to what color should I do?

1 hour ago, Iridil said:

A classic look for a classic mini - I remember longing for, and never getting, this mini back in the day! I really like the flaming hair!

Thanks Iridil, I'm hoping the flaming hair and beard turned out okay!  Yeah, he was one of those old classics that it took me forever to get.

1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

Great work on an old classic!


I had a  friend when I was a kid who had this figure; I never could convince him to trade him to me.

In the good old days when our disposable income was allowance it took me quite a lot longer than it should have to get lots of minis.  I'm still in about the same boat as then today, but at least now I've got more options!

38 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great job, I like hte contrast between the skin and the yellow.

Thank you Glitterwolf!

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2 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

I like it all, but the head of the mace is my absolute favorite part. Your paint job adds so much depth and texture. Nice work on the black skin, as well. You've given enough definition to keep the details from getting obscured. 

Thanks, glad you like it, the mace was some odd color choices for me, so I'm glad it turned out well.  I'm not so sure if I could replicate the skin again, but I do have some other Reaper Fire Giants I may one day want to paint!

1 hour ago, KruleBear said:

So much awesomeness. The eyes work well and I love it when the old sculpts get some loving attention. 

Thanks, I wanted just fire-colored eyes, no pupils.

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