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Building rules rev 2.

Froggy the Great

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PACE have possibilities :o)


Mad, the Dictator doesn't have to worry about the Ogre (very few things do) stalking it. It has to worry about that section of double missile infantry hiding in the next building :o)


I think that halving the number of tracks would work better... drive a car through a wooden shack and you'll scratch some paint...drive it through a brick wall and it'll have a lot of bodywork damage :o)

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So the two changes I've seen in the last two weeks that would be worth considering:


Collapsing building:

-Has an AoE equal to its height

-Models in that AOE do one of the following:

  -pass a suppression test or take damage equal to building height-distance from building.

  -make an armor roll verfsus D10+(building height-distance from building).


I like the second alternative better, but haven't had a chance to playtest it.



Models running into buildings do one of the following:

-Are destroyed, and do damage to the building equal to their starting number of DTs

-Both model and building recieve damage equal to the other's starting number of DTs.  Obviously, all fliers would be destroyed if they did this, not matter what the building size.


I still like the former better.


What do y'all (apostrophe intentional) think?

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Oh, per the rulebook, regular buildings are Soft targets, reinforced and bunkers are Hard.  


I have yet to see a building brought down by incidental shooting, so I think the armor/DTs of the buildings as set in the last rules posting here are about right.


Matt, I sent you a copy for the Proving Grounds, has it gone up yet?

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I don't know I'm just having problems visualizing a CAV being destroyed for going through any type of building.


I guess its my youth growing up watching lots and lots of Robotech and other menga where you get that one scene of a Mecha bursting through a building to surprise the enemy from behind.


That's why I suggested the DT total applied to the other target.  That way CAV's can run amuck through lighter buildings but think twice when hitting bunkers and reinforced structures.  flyers hitting buildings is would be toast unless we start getting some super heavy flyers.


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton


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Hello all,

   Had a Chance to play this weekend in Frosh's Tourney (Cheers :laugh:, and KUDOS :cool: For a GREAT Tourney!!), and cutting the story short, the final game came came down to  a heavy dual SAG stand to a heavy AT23 and MG Stand chasing each other.  The Dual SAG stand should have easily won the day (I Was running the AT23) due to the serious Damage VS soft it could dish out, but we ended rolling off for the the end of the game as my opponent could not drop a small building fast enough due to targeting issues.



Section 2

use inches sqared to figgure out DT, not Height. Basic building gets 1 DT for 2 inches sq.  Reinforced gets 2 DT for 3 in, and Bunkers get 1 for 1.  


Think about this: WTC vs Pentagon.  If you used the height of the pentagon, the whole thing should be gone.  instead two "Rings" were totaled.


If a Building is too "long" for what you feel the building shold have for DT, beak it into "Sections" having each collapse independant of the others, with possible damage passing to surrounding "Sections"


Section 3

Inf cannot be targeted (from outside) when in a building.  all fire must be directed at the structure (#### little buggers are QUICK :D  )


Section 4

IDF - Roll for Target lock as if attacking a CAV.  Buildings are #### big, and have less "Margin of error" than a single spot on the battlefield.  for a building with no ECM, just roll a D10 against the TL.  IF Failed TL, Then Drift Accordingly.


My Two Bits  :;):


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