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The combination of GW announcing the return of Squats with "The Leagues of Votann" and the mining themes in the expansion "Stargrave: The Last Prospector", I may have gone overboard with the Space Miner theme.  No idea what I'd use most of these guys for.


All resin minis are printed on my Elegoo Mars Pro.  I also experimented a bit with Army Painter Speedpaints this time.


The first set are the Galactic Mining League from Cyber-Forge.  The Squats are printed at 80%, their Ogryn buddies at 155%.











These are a variety from Thingiverse. Asteroid Miners and Space Dwarfs.












These were my first real edit: I removed their arms before printing and used Oathmark Dwarf Light Infantry arms.




And per The Galactic Miners Union Charter Subsection 16B, the guild is no longer Squat only.


 Warhammer Cadian Bodies, Stargrave Heads, and arms from Fireforge Peasants and Oathmark Dwarf Infantry




Same as above, but the bodies are 3D prints "Space Denim"



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On 8/1/2022 at 11:19 PM, ReapingBuffalo said:

Thats a lot of work there! Nice job! My favorite group are the bioshock looking big daddies.

That was my first thought as well (especially since I'm right in the middle of a Bioshock replay 🙂)


I really like the overall theme and the execution. Great paint scheme and an excellent use of speed paints. Love the whole bunch.

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