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Dwarven Vampire


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Thanks for all your comments, guys!


Yeah, the old 2nd ed. Compendiums had some really weird stuff in them. If I remember correctly, there even was an entry for a vampire illithid in the Ravenloft compendium. I don't have a mini, though, and I'm not sure there ever was one.

Years ago I bought a lot of Ral Partha at sales in local game shops. Got even more Ral Partha minis than reaper, I think. So expect more old school goodness - when I have time to paint.

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Definitely my favorite of your three vampires (as I am an absolute sucker for dwarves). Everything I said about the color scheme on your kender vampire applies here as well.


I think the lava on the base came out great. You also did a good job on the hair/beard. It's got enough of its own slight color variation to stand out from the pale skin.


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