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Bones Ultra Coverage Paint


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Hi All.


I am returning to painting miniatures after a long hiatus.  I have a lot of bones from the first kickstarter, a mix of unpainted metal miniatures, and some of the wiz kids pre-primed miniatures.  Would the Bones Ultra Coverage Paint be a good option for a general paint set that can address all of these different material types?  Thinking about buying this set:


Reaper Master Series Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints Basic Set


Any advice would be appreciated here.  



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This one? https://www.reapermini.com/search/paint set/latest/09976


Yes, this is acrylic paint, easy to use and clean up after, generally safe (not intended for consumption or use on skin) and suitable for all miniature applications whether metal, Bones plastic, or pre-primed figures.  Also works on resin and 3d printed figures, though you may need to wash and apply primer for those. Reaper makes a great brush-on primer. 


Buy through Reaper's web store, add the bottle of primer (SKU: 09108) to get over the $50 mark and you get not only FREE shipping but 2 free miniatures with your order. 



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1 hour ago, Asphere said:

This one:  https://www.reapermini.com/search/Reaper Master Series Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints Basic Set

But I believe that the one you linked is a smaller set of the same kind of paint.


Thanks for the info!


Yes, same paint, different set.  


For each $50 you spend Reaper will include 2 minis, so if you add to that large set and get to $200 you'll get 8 free figures. 🙂


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For tabletop mini painting, there are paints that are designed for speed painting.  I haven't used them, but there are a few different types I've heard of from GW, Army Painter, and Scale 75.  In fact, on Rhonda Bender's last Twitch stream on Monday, she had a short sneak peek of a new product Reaper is prototyping for the same purpose.  Maybe we'll hear more about that soon.


All Reaper's Master Series Paints will work well on your minis.  Which set to get comes down to color choices primarily.  MSP Bones paints have higher coverage than MSP Core Colors in general, though you won't get one coat coverage from all colors since some pigments they use are more transparent than others.

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