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Punkin' Headed Bugbear: 30047 Bones USA


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Did someone say "pumpkin"?


No?  I must be hearaing things...again...


Anyway.  I present to you: the Punkin' Headed Bugbear!  Because pumpkin.


2118154336_PumpkinBugbear2.jpg.3dbb259f96db2abc17f0da2d933da335.jpg 1361707576_PumpkinBugbear4.jpg.03d544ae1403d89532a27a80fbb6f036.jpg

682889842_PumpkinBugbear1.jpg.ee61b2f9191d5bcac5242c4715a18c8c.jpg 1302289434_PumpkinBugbear3.jpg.fbb510d2b7e2515c39677830c34d8b77.jpg


The highlights on the flesh are a little less splotchy to my eyes, and the fur doesn't "pop" quite that much.


Overall, to my eyes, it actually looks a little dark.  I thought that the pumpkin and punkin' guts would brighten up the bugbear but it doesn't quite bring it up enough.  I also think I started too dark on the fur (starting at Muddy Soil--which is so dark brown as to be nearly black).  Truthfully it makes sense that it would be so dark (as to let the pumpkins serve as camouflage and obscure its form), but that doesn't tend to make an interesting miniature.


I should have gone lighter on the fur.


Still, not bad for only a few hours work.  And it's another pumpkin!


Thanks for dropping by!



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Man...if you're this eaten up with pumpkins NOW, things are gonna be crazy in a couple of months. 🙂


I like the color on the skin. That bluish tone works really well against the orange of the pumpkin. Speaking of the pumpkin, you absolutely nailed the paint job on the pumpkin innards. I can smell it from here. Neat mini!

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