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Airbrush Primer Problems

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I am starting to experiment with some different air brush primers and I have been having an issue where paint seems to chip off down to bare plastic.  The minis aren't being abused, it is happening while they are being painted. 

I am wondering if I am putting the primer on too lightly if they are chipping like this all the way to the plastic?  Could it be the minis needed to be cleaned first?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You can see some spots on this mini around the base rim.  These are from the handle gripping it, but this is happening on the bodies and such while being painted. 



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Cleaning will never hurt, as long as you get all the soap off.


Everyone seems to have their own prep methods and styles.  Some are more thorough than others. Some will say "I never wash and I've been fine" and some invoke ancient rituals, urban legend, and recipes passed down since the internet was just 2 guys arguing about star wars vs. star trek. 


Bottom line, you had an issue here so need to adjust.  In general, resin models tend to be more fussy and do like to be washed.  Washing plastic models won't hurt, as long as you get all the soap off.


What primer did you use and is the model resin or plastic?

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6 hours ago, Pole said:

Vallejo airbrush primer.


Do a search. I've read about problems with Vallejo primers, but I'm not clear if it's the airbrush primer or surface primer. 


fwiw, I brush-on their colored surface primers and haven't had problems. I more frequently brush-on Strylyrenz (sp) with no problems. I wash mini's in a hot water and dish soap to clean and unbend plastic, then use the water in the rinse jar.

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