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Well, I've finally got the 'skeleton' of my website pretty much done...

I've been throwing content up there for a few months now, but there were a BUNCH of broken frame pages and links... But anyway. I'n ya got a few minutes, I'm looking for some feedback on the 'pretty much done' site. Strictly 'look and feel', page flow, and usability feedback.


Since I don't really do any 'mini business' (ie: no commisions or sales or anything), the site's purely for my gallery and my gaming group... all personal stuff, but I AM looking for a 'hey, how'm I doin?'


It should look fine in IE and Firefox (I haven't tested it in Netscape or Opera or anything else...) and, if you surf with images turned off, it's probably pretty ugly. I've already got lots of critisism on my messy, messy code (and my lack of standardization and non-conformance with web standards) from a buddy of mine, so don't bother opening the source... I already know, I'm an amature ::P:


Anywho, thanks ya'll!




My Webpage

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Had a chance to browse around. Nice site. My only comment would be to make the thumbnails of the gallery minis a little larger, so you can see more of the mini than just the face, and thus have an idea of which it is, or maybe add a caption below the thumbnail. That way if someone is looking for a specific mini, it may not be so difficult to figure out which one it is.

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